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„My heart is cold“ is a popular song and a popular basis for creating memes, which is used as a satire on Russian President Vladimir Putin. The song is a continuation of „My moves are bold“ and is also known as „Putin (My heart is cold)“. The video for the song went viral on social media in January/February 2023 and has since been used to create individual memes and short films ridiculing the Russian president and the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine.

The song’s lyrics and video integrate a plethora of animated gags at Vladimir Putin’s expense. Originally published on the YouTube channel called „Bad History“, many YouTubers, Instagrammers as well as TikTokers are now using this viral video to make their contribution against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Often, Vladimir Putin sits in front of a green screen and makes incomprehensible and absurd statements.

Since the content of the clip and the background of „My heart is cold“ are still unknown to many people, the following article will provide detailed information about it. First of all, the definition and interpretation of „My heart is cold“ will be discussed, before the use and criticism of the song will be discussed.

„My heart is cold“: explanation meme, definition, meaning.

The phrase „My heart is cold“ is the name of a song that originated in English and translates as „My heart is cold.“ Throughout the song, Russian President Vladimir Putin is repeatedly named – including in the form of „Hi, my name is Vlad.“

The song lyrics are meant to stylize the Russian president’s cold heart, which considered an unlawful attack on Ukraine to be compatible. Although the Ukraine war is riddled with violations of international law and inhumane atrocities, the Russian president watches the goings-on unimpressed and even approves of them.

Interpretation of the song „My heart is cold“

The song „My heart is cold“ deals with the character of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, to whom a narcissistic, inhuman and cold-hearted personality is attributed. In the song, this is hinted at in various places. Among other things, at the passages:

  • „Just kidding – I’m the best!“
  • „My moves are bold“
  • „I save the world“

Again and again, the song is about Vladimir Putin being strongly convinced of himself and his actions (even independently of the Ukraine war). He sees himself as the savior of humanity and as a smart, attractive and influential person.

The song lyrics are to be understood as sarcastic and ironic overall, since the lyricist actually wants to express the flat opposite with the song. This is displayed by the latter in a humorous and not entirely serious way.

Origin and performer of the song „My heart is cold“

The song „My heart is cold“ has been around since February 4, 2020, where it was released by the YouTube channel „Bad History“ as an animated music video about Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thus, the temporal origin of the music video is even before the events of the Ukraine war that has been going on since the end of February 2022. However, in February 2014, the Russian Federation illegally annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which already meant a simmering conflict between Russia and Ukraine – this is what the song skillfully picks up on. Already in 2020, the song achieved more than 31 million views and reached over 810,000 likes.

What is „My heart is cold“ used for?

Although „My heart is cold“ originally came from the YouTube channel „Bad History,“ it experienced tremendous hype during the Ukraine war. From then on, many digital content creators used it as a basis for creating humorous and cynical videos to the disadvantage of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Accordingly, the song enjoyed great success as a meme, viral clip, and social satire. The individual uses of „My heart is cold“ will therefore be explained more comprehensively in the following subsections.


Individual scenes from „My heart is cold“ are used as memes, depicting Vladimir Putin dressed in a jogging suit and sitting on a throne with a newspaper in his hand. The latter is depicted in the form of a caricature with an oversized mouth and nose, as he is about to make a derogatory remark. The image is supplemented with individual sayings, texts or remarks.

Viral clip

As a viral clip, „My heart is cold“ is especially popular on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook and YouTube. Here, the original „My heart is cold“ video is supplemented with individual scenes, sayings and lyrics. The aim each time is to ridicule the Russian president and his plans.


In a way, „My heart is cold“ serves as a social satire on Russian President Vladimir Putin and as a kind of criticism of the domestic and foreign policies of the Russian Federation. That is why the clip is now very popular on TV as well as on public social media channels.

Criticisms of „My heart is cold“

The song „My heart is cold“ is criticized mainly by the Russian government and pro-Russian or pro-Putin parts of the Russian population. They see in „My heart is cold“ a disrespect towards the Russian president and the foreign policy of the country. At the same time, this is seen as a mockery of Russia, which continues to see itself in the role of victim and sees the war with Ukraine as justified not least for this reason.

Conclusion on the topic „My heart is cold“

So, to sum up, „My heart is cold“ is a satire on Russian President Vladimir Putin that has been around since 2020. Since then, it has been published many times as a viral clip, a meme or a social persiflage on a variety of channels. „My heart is cold“ experienced tremendous hype, especially in conjunction with the Ukraine war that has been going on since 2022.

With „My heart is cold“ are, for example, the terms „Stop War“ or „НЕТ ВОЙНЕ!“ (in German: „No war!“) related. They all address the general mood of Western societies, which positions itself against a Russian-Ukrainian war.

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