What is „Ashley Look at Me“? Memes, Meaning, Explanation, Definition

Ashley Look at Me“ is a viral TikTok trend that refers to certain scenes in the movie „The Boys“. Specifically, it’s a song that was remixed by „MONTAGEM PR FUNK.“ In the song, the protagonist Homelander shouts „Ashley Look at Me“ several times while staring at the character Ashley Barrett. Throughout the video, Homelander stares at her with a laser gaze, coming across as strange and creepy at the same time.

Time and again, viral trends occur on the social media platform TikTok. Film clips and scenes form a popular basis for so-called memes – which can be images or short videos. In the case of „Ashley Look at Me,“ the series „The Boys“ (specifically season 2) provided inspiration for the mix of a richly weird short video, with no real point.

But what exactly „Ashley Look at Me“ is all about and why this meme became a viral trend, or rather where it is used everywhere, the following article now provides detailed information.

Definition of the term „Ashley Look at Me“

The term „Ashley Look at Me“ comes from the English language and is composed of the name „Ashley“, the verb „look“, the preposition „at“ and the personal pronoun „me“.

This refers to a saying by the protagonist Homelander in the series The Boys, in which he repeatedly speaks loudly to the supporting character Ashley. He shouts the phrase „Ashley Look at Me“ over and over again, making it almost a running gag.

The phrase itself has no concrete meaning, but inspired some musicians to make a weird dub sound out of it. The random sequence of images and the catchy sound thus make the meme „Ashley Look at Me“ a popular viral hit that is currently spreading rapidly on the social media platform TikTok.

Origin and meaning of „Ashley Look at Me“

The meme „Ashley Look at Me“ probably originated in June 2023, when the scene from the series The Boys was accompanied by S3BZS with a crisp lip dub sound. For this, the musician used TikTok’s Striking Face Filter, in which the protagonist Homelander unceremoniously gets laser eyes and thus appears quite menacing. From the pure trend around the meme, a dance trend gradually developed on TikTok, which has been lived since July. Since its creation in June 2023, the original mix „Ashley Look at Me“ has already been used over 4 million times. The sound and video have no real meaning here, but are just quite catchy and entertaining in themselves.

Usage of „Ashley Look at Me

Originally found only on the social media platform TikTok, „Ashley Look at Me“ has since expanded to many other areas of life. These will be explained in detail in the following sections. These are the following areas of use:

  • „The Boys“ series
  • Instagram, TikTok and YouTube
  • youth subcultures

The Boys

In „The Boys“ series, the scene „Ashley Look at Me“ occurs exactly once (and serves as an ongoing basis in the meme). Within the scene, Homelander is involved in a dangerous fight. To protect Ashley from further danger, Homelander calls out to her to look at him. In the English-language original, the aforementioned scene finally occurs, with Homelander loudly shouting, „Ashley Look at Me!“ Homelander himself is considered a crazy, sometimes unusual and self-absorbed character, but he knows how to defend himself.

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

The series clip has been spread virally on the social media platforms Instagram, TikTok as well as YouTube since June 2023. On the latter two platforms in particular, the video is now seen as an invitation to dance contests. Users who have been challenged by another user must perform an individual dance to the meme and imitate the video as best they can. This must also be filmed and then uploaded. To start the cycle all over again, another user (or users) is asked to make a short video to „Ashley Look at Me“ as well.

Youth subcultures

„Ashley Look at Me“ is also spreading furiously in youth subcultures. The chant is now understood in everyday life as an invitation to dance. At the same time, this serves as a funny and not entirely serious saying in dicey situations.

Social Classification of „Ashley Look at Me“

The saying and the meme about „Ashley Look at Me“ are mainly known among younger target groups belonging to the „Z“ and „Alpha“ generations. This means that the target group for „Ashley Look at Me“ is between 12 and 25 years old. Among older target groups, the meme is often not understood. This is due to the fact that the social media platform TikTok is mainly used by younger people (often under 20). And it was on this platform that the viral trend around the „Ashley Look at Me“ memes took off.

Critics of „Ashley Look at Me“

Although the „Ashley Look at Me“ meme is a harmless TikTok trend, it is still strongly opposed in many places. The main criticism is that this trend makes no sense. After all, it is a series scene that is changed in a strange and rather random way and underlaid with music. Especially to older people, this approach seems alienating. The same goes for the request to dance on TikTok – neither the music, nor the meaning behind the meme are therefore accessible to older people or critics.

Conclusion on „Ashley Look at Me“

So, to sum up, „Ashley Look at Me“ is a new TikTok trend in the form of a meme themed around a scene from the series „The Boys.“ The scene was underlaid with a catchy dub sound and is understood on TikTok as an invitation to shoot an individual dance video.

Related to the „Ashley Look at Me“ meme are the memes „My Job Is Just Beach“ and „Canon Event,“ among others. While „My Job Is Just Beach“ encourages people to shoot an individual video about their daily work, the message of „Canon Events“ is rather that a video about significant events from one’s own past should be shot and distributed on TikTok.

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