What is „Planet of the bass“ by DJ Crazy Times? Memes, meaning, explanation, definition

„Planet of the bass“ is a song by US comedian Kyle Gordon that originated in August 2023 and quickly went viral on social media and television. The song parodies European dance music by taking typical stylistic elements of European dance music and using them in a humorous and not entirely serious way. Besides songwriter Kyle Gordon, the song features DJ Crazy Times and fictional singer Biljana Electronica. The song features comparatively flat lyrics brimming with grammatical errors.

„Planet of the bass“ thus takes aim at the European dance music scene, which has already been known in the past for sometimes meaningless, yet cheerful-sounding, rhythmic dance music. However, the song and its performers come from the USA and have become famous almost overnight with this kind of Eurodance parody. In the following article you will find more detailed information about what the song is about and how it was created.

Definition of „Planet of the bass“

The name „Planet of the bass“ comes from English and can be translated roughly as „Planet of the bass“. This meaningless song title refers to the performers‘ wish for the world to become one party where bass dominates and peace reigns. The lyrics repeatedly use inappropriate verses that seem thematically unrelated or don’t quite match the facial expressions and gestures emitted by the performers. This is to parody the fact that Eurodance performers often use the English language for their songs without understanding the meaning behind the lyrics and the language used in detail. This is meant to ridicule the European music scene to some extent, as it doesn’t seem to have its own music culture. In addition, the song is meant to make people laugh and dance, as the style of bass and melody is strongly oriented towards works from the 1990s, which are currently very much in vogue again – this also applies, by the way, to the garish visuals of the video clip for the song „Planet of the bass“.

Origin and meaning of „Planet of the bass“

The song „Planet of the bass“ was published on the video platform YouTube on August 22, 2023 and has since spread virally. It was written by Kyle Gordon, a well-known US comedian. It represents the first release of an album in the works called „Kyle Gordon is Great“. „Planet of the bass“ thematizes the shrill world of 90s Eurodance, which was characterized by colorful clothing, dyed hair, crunchy bass as well as drugs and euphoria. The comparatively meaningless and easily memorable song lyrics indicate that this music genre is not a milestone of lyricism in itself. Furthermore, incoherent verses and strange scenes in the music video ensure that a relaxed mood, or rather a certain joke, arises in the viewer overall.

Use of „Planet of the bass“ in different contexts

Since the song „Planet of the bass“ was published on YouTube, it has been used in a wide variety of contexts and is currently spreading particularly strongly, not least because of this. The main uses of „Planet of the bass“ include:

  • Eurodance parody
  • social media
  • TV and radio

In the following, the main areas of use for the song „Planet of the bass“ will be presented in more detail for the reader.

Eurodance parody

As a Eurodance parody, „Planet of the bass“ is currently used particularly in comedy performances as well as on billboards and in video clips. Certain aspects of this music genre are ridiculed, which is particularly funny to viewers from English-speaking countries.

Social media

On social media, „Planet of the bass“ can currently be found primarily on YouTube, Instagram as well as TikTok. On TikTok, there are sometimes even challenges in which people have to dance to this music. At the end of the video, other users are asked to do the same. Thus, „Planet of the bass“ spreads virally and several million users have already watched this funny Eurodance parody because of it.

TV and radio

Planet of the bass“ can also be found on TV and radio. Here, the song serves as a funny interlude or is even played in its entirety. Especially national radio stations as well as music TV stations broadcast „Planet of the bass“ quite often, because the song is very well received by viewers and listeners.

Social classification of „Planet of the bass“

The song „Planet of the bass“ is especially popular among younger target groups, such as Generation Y, Generation Z and Generation Alpha. While Generation Y still grew up in the era of 1990s Eurodance and therefore understands this parody best, the song seems more entertaining and funny to younger target groups. For older people, however, the song is less well received, or rather, it is either taken too seriously or not understood as a parody.

Criticism of „Planet of the bass“

Although „Planet of the bass“ is quite a funny but harmless parody of the Eurodance scene, there are still a lot of people who criticize the song and the current trend around it. The condemnation is that it is a typically American, snooty parody, which can only be explained by a certain envy (since such songs simply did not exist in the USA in the 1990s). Furthermore, the meaningless lyrics and the message of the song are criticized – this offers no real added value in the eyes of the critics and is therefore often dismissed as nonsense or a waste of time. By the way, most of the critics come from the European dance scene.

Conclusion about „Planet of the bass“

So, „Planet of the bass“ is a humorous parody of European dance music composed by the US comedian named Kyle Gordon. The song takes the typical elements of Eurodance songs and ridicules them in an entertaining way – which is how the song went viral.

Related to the song „Planet of the bass“ are, for example, the Eurodance songs „What Is Love“ by Haddaway and „Rhythm Is A Dancer“ by SNAP! Both songs have been used very frequently on social media for parodies or memes in recent years.

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