What is the Blue Smurf Cat meme? Meaning, explanation, definition

The social media platform TikTok is always the birthplace of funny and viral memes, as is the case with so-called „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme. The funny short video is about a young, blue cat, which served as a trigger for a whole trend. Namely, the creators of the meme wondered what the Smurfs would look like if they were real. Here, young cats still came closest to the idea, which is why the „Blue Smurf Cat“, born in 2014, serves as a model here without further ado. This is a Russian, quite idiosyncratic cat, which has a slightly bluish fur.

The short video was later accompanied by a song by Alan Walker called „The Spectre“ and from then on served as a viral meme as well as a popular sequence in Internet forums and online games. But what exactly the meme is about and why it is so popular, or by which people this is preferably used or understood, the following article will provide a few interesting details.

Definition and interpretation of „Blue Smurf Cat“

The title „Blue Smurf Cat“ is composed of the English adjective „blue“, the English noun „smurf“ and the English noun „cat“.

Combined, „Blue Smurf Cat“ can thus be roughly translated as „blue Smurf cat“. What is meant by the „Blue Smurf Cat“ is a fictional character that is based on a Russian, bluish cat from 2014. The figure is a mix of this cat, a smurf and a mushroom and runs whistling in the said short video while the song by Alan Walker is played.

The whole situation seems funny and can be understood as a kind of elevator music, or it is supposed to serve as a funny intermission filler for loading times of games or videos. However, the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme is often used in the most nonsensical, or unlovely situations, where it is then said, „I hope that it’s not gonna be the Blue Smurf Cat?!“

Origin of the meme and its meaning: Blue Smurf Cat

The „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme was created in 2020 by Nate Hallinan, who first wondered what Smurfs would look like if they were real. Especially for this, he took a Russian cat from 2014 as a model, which are already titled as „Blue Smurf Cat“ (because this had a bluish fur). From this, he created a fictional character and animated it running along a path and whistling to itself. Afterwards, Nate Hallinan added the song by Alan Walker to the short video and used the meme in internet forums and online games before it went viral on social media. The meme itself serves as an intermission filler, but always drives some connoisseurs up the wall, as it is played in the most inappropriate situations.

Where is the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme used everywhere?

The „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme is used today in a wide variety of areas, but is rather known to connoisseurs. The meme can be found especially often in the following areas:

  • on social media, in internet forums as well as on WhatsApp
  • in the online game Minecraft
  • as part of spoken everyday language

The above-mentioned areas of use will now be explained in more detail.

Social media, internet forums as well as WhatsApp

The meme can be used either as a short video or as an image and is accordingly widespread on the social media platforms TikTok, Instagram as well as YouTube. Here, this is utilized to create individual articles, pictures as well as posts. Equally popular, however, is the use of the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme to create hashtags or captions. Based on the versatile use of the meme, the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme went viral in recent years.


The „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme also represents a popular internet phenomenon that serves as a humorous representation for quirky and unexpected events (in-game or out) in the Minecraft community. The familiar cat combined with an amusing situation thus represents an integral part of the rather creative humor found in the Minecraft world.

Spoken everyday language

In addition, the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme is now also often quoted in spoken everyday language. Especially common is the expression „I hope it’s not gonna be a Blue Smurf Cat?!“ (in German: „I hope it’s not going to be a Blue Smurf Cat?!“). This serves as a statement for an absurd and unexpected situation in everyday life and is derived from the aforementioned use in the online game called Minecraft.

By which target groups is the meme used and understood?

The main target groups of the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme are primarily members of generations Y as well as Z and Alpha, who are between 15 and 30 years old. They use the social media platforms TikTok, Instagram and YouTube particularly frequently and with pleasure and therefore usually understand the meaning of this meme. The meme is equally popular with online gamers, who also tend to be younger. The „Blue Smurf Cat“ internet phenomenon is usually not understood by older individuals.

Critical examination of the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme

The „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme, which seems quite harmless and funny in itself, nevertheless attracts some critics who devalue it as pointless and humorless. They also often criticize the fact that the meme doesn’t seem to have any real meaning and that the song seems to have been added randomly. Also, the meme offers no educational added value and is not understood by many people otherwise.

Conclusion about the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme and similar short videos

The bottom line is that the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme represents a currently popular Internet clip that is used on social media as well as in Minecraft and in spoken everyday language. It embodies the idea of what a Smurf might look like in real life and mixes this idea with the look of a bluish-colored Russian cat from 2014. The meme is often used in combination with unexpected everyday events or in games.

For example, the „Okay Let’s Go“ and „Friesenjung“ memes are related to the „Blue Smurf Cat“ meme. Both memes are viral clips that originated on social media platforms and can be used as background music for various everyday situations.

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