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Time and again, strange phenomena and trends occur in the social media world. One current trend, for example, is „barbenheimers. The expression refers to the simultaneous release of cinema films that could not be more different. „Barbenheimer“ is therefore used as a synonym for this occurrence. The expression indirectly divides people into two groups – those who choose the cheerful „Barbie“ movie and those who prefer the more somber „Oppenheimer“ movie.

„Barbenheimer“ is currently experiencing a lot of hype, especially on the social media platforms TikTok as well as Instagram. Combined with entertaining short films, images and comments targeting „Barbenheimer,“ the word and the trend behind it are spreading virally. However, not everyone knows what to do with „Barbenheimer.“ The term and its definition, meaning, word origin and usage will therefore be explained in detail in the following article. In addition, a social classification and critical examination of the term „Barbenheimer“ will be made.

Definition of „Barbenheimer“

The term „Barbenheimer“ is an artificial word, which comes from the English language. It is composed of the two names „Barbie“ and „Oppenheimer“. In combination, this creates a new artificial name that is representative of the new trend.

The character „Barbie“ is a well-known fashion doll that has been around since 1959 and represents an idealized image of femininity and cheerfulness. Barbie has evolved over time to embody a variety of professions and hobbies. „Oppenheimer,“ on the other hand, refers to Julius Robert Oppenheimer, an important physicist of the 20th century. He is considered the leader of what was then known as the „Manhattan Project,“ which led to the development of the first atomic bomb. Oppenheimer was an important figure in the field of nuclear physics and is associated with a dark period in history (that of World War II).

„Barbenheimer“ therefore integrates two extremely contrasting personalities and styles together, creating a new art name. This serves as a category term that invites an „either-or“ decision. At the same time, „Barbenheimer“ describes a situation in which two extremely opposing films are released simultaneously.

Word Origin and Meaning of „Barbenheimer“

„Barbenheimer“ originated on the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram. Here, it refers to the simultaneous release of the blockbusters „Barbie“ (US release date: July 21, 2023) and „Oppenheimer“ (US release date: July 21, 2023). While „Barbie“ is a light-hearted, light-hearted film, „Oppenheimer“ focuses on a dark chapter in history. „Barbenheimer“ now suggests that people (according to their personalities) would choose either one film or the other (and that much could be deduced from this).

Conspiracy theorists even assume that the simultaneous release dates are no coincidence and that people are secretly watching to see which people would choose which movies.

The trend itself has existed since the spring of 2023, when information about the simultaneous release of both films first became known. „Barbenheimer“ is not to be taken entirely seriously, however, and can basically be understood as a viral social media trend.

Use of „Barbenheimer“

The new „Barbenheimer“ trend is currently spreading furiously on various social media platforms. At the same time, it is also increasingly spilling over into everyday usage. In the following subsections, the various uses of „Barbenheimer“ will be discussed in more detail.

Social Media

On social media, the „Barbenheimer“ trend is mainly flaunted through funny short videos and pictures. Here, for example, the protagonists of the videos change from somber clothing to loose, typical Barbie- or Ken-like clothing. Sudden emotional fluctuations (for example, from angry and depressed to happy and manic) are also representative of the new „Barbenheimer“ trend, which are then depicted in video or image form.


In the meantime, the new „Barbenheimer“ trend is also being taken up in advertising. In one trailer, for example, Tom Cruise can be seen changing from somber to cheerful clothing as he blatantly leaves the set of „Oppenheimer.“ Here, too, the short films and trailers serve to create virality and thus attention.

Everyday life

In everyday life, on the other hand, „Barbenheimer“ is often used as an expression for ambiguity, ambivalent situations or personalities. The expression is also popular when there is a large gap between ideas and reality – just as there is between the content of „Barbie“ and „Oppenheimer“.

Social classification of „Barbenheimer“

Although the target groups for both films are quite different, the new „Barbenheimer“ trend can be attributed primarily to the younger „Z“ and „Alpha“ generations. These generations are in fact the main users of the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram. Middle-aged or even older people usually do not understand this trend. The only exceptions here are those people who are interested in one of the two (or even both) films.

Critical consideration of the expression „Barbenheimer“

„Barbenheimer“ is understood by critics as another viral marketing trend, which should help to increase the number of visitors to the two cinema films. At the same time, there is criticism that this brings two completely different target groups into contact with (partly) inappropriate content. For example, viewers of „Barbie,“ who are mostly young girls, almost inevitably learn about the dark personality and historical events of „Oppenheimer.“ Furthermore, it is criticized that this trend is not understood, especially by older people, and therefore causes confusion.

Conclusion on the subject of „Barbenheimer“

So, in summary, „Barbenheimer“ is a new trending term that originated on the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. The term stems from the creation of a made-up word from the two movie names „Barbie“ and „Oppenheimer.“ While „Barbie“ is about a blonde, cheerful fashion doll, „Oppenheimer“ is about a former nuclear physicist who was instrumental in the invention of the atomic bomb (and caused a lot of suffering as a result). The themes of both films could not be more opposite, but are mixed up in an unintentionally funny way with the term „Barbenheimer“. „Barbenheimer“ thus serves as a template for funny images, short films as well as comments on social media platforms and in advertising and everyday life.

Related to the term „Barbenheimer“ are, for example, the social media trends „Canon Events“ and „Rat Girl Summer.“ While „Canon Events“ focus on events from the individual past that are witnessed but which may/cannot be changed, „Rat Girl Summer“ represents a trend in which young women increasingly spend the summer outdoors.

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