What is „Maidenless“ from Elden Ring? Memes, Meaning, Explanation

When someone calls a player in the game „Elden Ring“ from the developer FromSoftware „Maidenless“, then it is expressed that the player has no chance in the game. He is called a noob, so to speak, an inexperienced newcomer. This term quickly spread as a meme among the group of „Elden Ring“ players.

What is „Maidenless“ meme from Elden Ring? Memes, Meaning, Explanation

In Elden Ring, players encounter many different NPCs that tell them on their head that they are Maidenless. One of the first characters is waiting on a small hill right after the optional tutorial area. The character, named White Faced Varré, says as a greeting that the player is Maidenless and thus has no guidance or support in the game world.

Varré with the white mask therefore explains to the players how they can still find their way. He offers himself as a kind of guide and tells players where they should go first. He is relatively friendly, albeit very sarcastic.

When FromSoftware published a network test of the starting area of „Elden Ring“ in November 2021, selected players could already explore the first areas of the large, open game world. Even then, it was possible to meet Varré. However, he had a slightly different dialog in the early test version. He told the players directly to their faces that they should go off and die in the next best trench. In the original English, he said, „Feel free to go off and die in a ditch!“ With this, the NPC expressed that players would have no chance of survival in „Elden Ring“ without a Maiden. However, this line of dialogue was removed from the finished game because the developers thought it was a bit too cynical.

Elden Ring: What is the Maidens all about?

The character of the Maiden plays a central role in the so-called Souls-Borne series, which are predecessors of „Elden Ring“. In games like „Demon Souls“, „Dark Souls“ or „Bloodborne“, there is always a female character who not only explained important background information about the game world to new players, but also serves as a central point of contact when players want to level up. That’s why the Maiden is always located near the central hub locations that players return to again and again outside of battles.

For „Elden Ring“, however, the developer studio FromSoftware has come up with a little twist to make the game a little different. Because instead of finding direct access to a safe retreat, players are first thrown into the game world without any help. They can walk around normally, find weapons and fight battles. Players can also already find and activate the so-called Sites of Grace. These sites are waypoints and serve as respawn points when players die in Elden Ring. However, players lack a way to level up.

Only when players manage to activate three of these Sites of Grace and then rest at one of the retreat locations does an NPC named Melina appear. Melina offers to help the players and allows them to spend their collected runes to level up at the Sites of Grace in the future, so to speak, as a substitute Maiden.

Why is „Maidenless“ an insult? (Elden Ring, Meme)

Because Melina doesn’t come to players right at the beginning of the journey, many newcomers struggled to find their way around the game world, especially in the first few weeks after the release of Elden Ring. There was still too little information about what needs to be done before this important NPC shows up. Accordingly, many players complained in forums that the game was too hard and that they found it unfair not to be able to level up.

On the other hand, players who have already figured out how to unlock leveling up and how to get to a hub world later on have made fun of the newbies by calling them „Maidenless“, similar to the NPC Varré.

So when someone calls a player „Maidenless“, they mean that the player in question hasn’t really understood „Elden Ring“ yet, or is a noob who won’t stand a chance in the game.

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