What does „Baizuo“ mean? Meaning in English, translation, explanation

Chinese term for naive and educated people from the West who have studied at a university or college, demand peace and plead for the equal treatment of all people in order to satisfy their own moral demands. They are said to have a certain self-perceived moral superiority – they are thus comparable to the do-gooder.

Baizuo (白左) literally translates as „white leftists.“ It is a slur and a term of derision.

What does „Baizuo“ mean? Meaning, Translation, Explanation

A „Baizuo“ is interested in issues such as immigration, immigration, refugees, minorities, lesbians, gays, LGBT and the environment. They are said to be obsessed with political correctness and desire a multicultural society. This is said to go so far as to allow the entry of backward Islamic values. Their attitude is described as „stubborn.“ A baizuo is driven by his own moral superiority.

In China, or in the eyes of Chinese, „Baizuo“ are seen as arrogant and ignorant Westerners who feel sorry for the world and think that they will save the world with their attitude.

Use of „Baizuo

After the failure of the Jamaica explorations, Chinese Internet users mocked Angela Merkel as „Baizuo.“ This was reported by Merics (China Institute of the Mercator Foundation) in its published report „China Update“. (See: here – page 2)

After the state news agency Xinhua reported on the breakdown of the exploratory talks in the article „Merkel’s End and Germany’s Sad Future,“ Chinese Internet users began to mock Merkel.

State broadcaster CCTV reported that Germany was „quite fragile“ and that the social order could easily break down.

Merics says the Chinese media like to criticize liberal democracies and promote their own Chinese political system.

The Chinese daily Global Times reported back in May 2017 that the term „baizuo“ was becoming more popular in China. It is used to denounce the arrogance of Western elites.

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