What does „coodere“ mean? Meaning, explanation, definition

„Coodere“ is an anime character from the Japanese series „Tokyo Ghoul“, which is currently experiencing a huge hype on social media and in youth subcultures. Similar to „Kuudere“, „Coodere“ also stands out due to his rather cool, emotionless nature, but unlike „Kuudere“, he cannot experience an emotional outburst from one moment to the next. „Coodere“ is therefore the well-worn variant of „Kuudere“. The former is male and captivates with its anime-like look in terms of its clothing and styling. Furthermore, the latter possesses a calm, level-headed, albeit somewhat anti-social nature.

The series „Tokyo Ghoul“ and the characters in it are currently greatly admired, especially among young people. Many young people long for the character traits of the individual anime characters. However, what „Coodere“ is specifically about, what the name means and where it is used everywhere, the reader can get more information about it in the article below.

Definition of „Coodere“

„Coodere“ is a relatively new name that comes from the Japanese language and is composed of the words „coo“ or „kourudo“ (meaning „cool“ or „cold“) and „dere“ (meaning „in love“). „Coodere“ could therefore be translated roughly as „a cooler with whom one falls in love“. This refers to the characteristically rather distant, rational figure of the „Coodere“, who has an attractive appearance, but a cool nature. „Coodere“ is therefore a born leader and always looks at things rationally and soberly. It is not least these qualities that make „Coodere“ so popular among youth subcultures, who see in him not only a character, but above all an attitude to life. „Coodere“ has therefore already spread far beyond the boundaries of the „Tokyo Ghoul“ series. Outside of Japan, „Coodere“ (which is actually a made-up word there) is known less as an adjective and more as a name (with no direct meaning).

Origin and meaning of „Coodere“

„Coodere“ also comes from the world of Japanese anime and manga, and is a fictional character from the popular series „Tokyo Ghoul“. „Coodere“ is a level-headed and experienced fighter who does not display strong emotions and is highly revered, especially among the female audience. Even in critical and dangerous situations, „Coodere“ keeps a cool head – however, due to „Coodere’s“ emotionless characteristics, he has difficulty making social contacts. Therefore, it is not uncommon for „Coodere“ to find himself in unpleasant situations – especially when he meets admirers within the series. „Coodere“ usually wears a white shirt, a reddish-purple tie and a suit vest, and has purple, shoulder-length hair.

Use of „Coodere“ in various contexts

„Coodere“ is one of many characters in the Japanese anime series „Tokyo Ghoul“. The main usage of the name can also be found there. Overall, however, there are now the following areas in which „Coodere“ is relatively common:

  • Mangas and anime
  • social media
  • spoken everyday language

In order to provide a more comprehensive insight into the use of the term „Coodere“, the above-mentioned areas of usage will be further elaborated upon in the sections that now follow.

Mangas & Anime

„Coodere“ mainly appears in the Japanese anime series called „Tokyo Ghoul“. In addition, there are a variety of mangas that make „Tokyo Ghul“ available in print as well. In addition, there is a wide range of merchandise and fan articles of „Coodere“ and the other characters from „Tokyo Ghul“, which are now sold all over the world. „Coodere“ can be found here on posters, as a stand-up figure as well as a keychain and a pop-up. Coodere“ is popular in Japan itself, as well as in the rest of the world.

Social media

Coodere“ is just as popular on social media. It is used relatively frequently there, especially on TikTok and Instagram. Sometimes individual videos are made in which the users appearing in them, dressed up as „coodere,“ re-enact various scenes. Furthermore, the term „Coodere“ is used in video and image titles and also in the form of hashtags. Through these measures, the figure and the term spread strongly virally on the net.

Spoken everyday language

Although „Coodere“ is strictly speaking just a Japanese name, its meaning is becoming more and more familiar in Western cultures as well. „Coodere“ is therefore now considered a popular saying for „I’m cool and everyone’s into me“ in spoken everyday language. Conversations in which „Coodere“ or other characters from „Tokyo Ghoul“ are discussed are also common in spoken everyday language (at least among die-hard fans).

Social Classification of „Coodere“

„Coodere“ is primarily a phenomenon among younger generations, such as Generations Z or Alpha. These are between 10 and 25 years old and mostly on social media – especially on Instagram or TikTok. Accordingly, they frequently come into contact with the content distributed via „Coodere“. But anime and manga enthusiasts also belong to the target group of „Coodere“ and understand the background to this character, or the meaning of the term. Older target groups usually don’t know „Coodere“ and don’t really understand the hype around this character, respectively the corresponding series.

Critical view of the term „Coodere“

As a classic anime character, „Coodere“ enjoys a certain exotic status in this country, which is sometimes its undoing, especially among critics. As much too aberrant, much too strange and much too antisocial, this is often criticized by critics. He represents a bad role model for society, since he is always concerned only with his own advantage and does little for his fellow man. He also seems to be socially inhibited and embodies the bad change that today’s society is increasingly drifting into. „Coodere“ is also considered the most criticized character from „Tokyo Ghoul“.

Conclusion on „Coodere“ and other concepts

To sum up, „Coodere“ is a coolly detached, rational and at the same time quite popular character from the Japanese anime series „Tokyo Ghoul“ who usually wears a white shirt, a reddish-purple tie and a black suit vest. The character is male and is considered a cool strategist, which is sometimes heavily criticized by critics, not least because of this.

With the character „Coodere“ from „Tokyo Ghoul“, the characters „Kuudere“ and „Yandere“ can also be mentioned, among others. These are also fictional characters from this anime series, which is popular in Japan and other parts of the world.

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