What is Ligma? Meaning, Definition, Explanatio

Reports of the rare disease „ligma“ spread when Twitch streamer Tyler „Ninja“ Blevins stopped live streaming for a few days in July 2018.

Origin: How „Ligma“ was created

One user, when asked about Ninja’s whereabouts, spread the false news that Fortnite streamer Tyler „Ninja“ Blevins was suffering from Ligma and had died from it. When asked what „Ligma“ was, he replied „Ligma Balls.“

Fans found this word joke so funny that they spread it on Reddit and Twitter. The well-known YouTuber PewDiePie also dealt with the phenomenon „Ligma“ and even news portals in the USA reported about the rare disease „Ligma“. This is what the Ligma joke was spreading about.

The origin of the Ligma joke is this post on the Instagram account of Instagram user „ninja_hater“. External link: Here. Other users stated in the comments that he died of „ligma“. (Incidentally, the Instagram post includes the prompt „Let’s make fake news.“

Ninja learned about the Ligma joke relatively quickly. Because users repeatedly wrote „ligma“ in the chat of his livestreams, the word was even temporarily blocked. Also, many users wrote to him asking how he was doing and what „Ligma“ was. But a little later he took the „ligma“ joke sportingly and made jokes about it himself.

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Resolution: Ligma

„Ligma“ is not a disease, of course, but simply a gag and internet meme.

Word joke „Ligma“

„Ligma“ is a word joke that only works in the english language. Whoever asks „What is ligma?“ gets the joking saying „Ligma balls“ as an answer.

„Ligma“ sounds similar to „Lick my“. This should also make the meaning clear: „Lick my balls“.

The „Ligma“ word joke only works with people who don’t know the joke yet.

More ligma word jokes

Similar word jokes to ligma are:


Sugondese is a country in Africa. The Sugondese live in abject poverty. If you say „Sug-on-dese“ out loud, you will recognize the pun: Suck on these

  • Sugma – Suck my
  • Bofa deez – Both of these; usually meaning the testicles. Example: Bofa deez nuts)
  • Joe Mama – Your Mama (introduces a mother joke)
  • Grabahan – Grab a hand (Jokingly explains that „Grabahan“ is supposed to be an Indonesian city).


These word jokes are actually old, however every generation hears them for the first time at some point 😉 .

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