What is a Femboy? Meaning, definition, explanation

The term Femboy is an artificial and portmanteau word, composed of the two syllables „Fem“ and „Boy“. „Fem“ stands for the word feminine. Boy, in turn, refers to a young man.

What is a Femboy? Meaning, definition, explanation

In the word femboy, therefore, the feminine and male parts of a person are mixed. The term femboy has meanwhile found its way into english language usage, but it is far from being ubiquitous; instead, it is used primarily by certain groups of people at a younger age.

Biologically, i.e. purely in terms of his gender identity, a so-called femboy is a man. However, such a man finds very specific feminine behaviors very attractive to his own personality and then tries to express this outwardly, for example in his style of dress, by using perfumes for women or by having a feminine hairstyle. A femboy therefore likes to present himself in public or to other people with typical feminine traits and manners.

Lifestyle: How FemBoys live (meaning, explanation)

Although a specific age limit cannot be established, it can be assumed that femboys generally refer to younger men up to an age limit of about 30 years. The term femboy emerged in the course of an increased social acceptance of very different gender orientations and identities.

If someone is called a femboy today, this does not necessarily have to be positive, because in the public perception this can also be meant in a derogatory way. It is precisely in this derogatory manner that femboys are often insinuated to be gay, which, however, is not the case at all in the vast majority of cases. It is also absolutely necessary to distinguish the femboy from other similar terms, even though the transitions can be quite fluid. For example, the femboy should in no way be confused with so-called crossdressers, trans people or ladyboys. Crossdressers are people who like to wear clothes of the opposite sex. Crossdressers can therefore be both men and women.

The Femboy in art and literature

Trans people usually have feminine features, are usually tall or slender in stature, and can have practically all possible gender identities. Likewise, the term femboy does not allow an indication of a possible gender identity. Men of all gender orientations can outwardly appear as femboys. Femboys are not only found in real life, as real people, but also in art, literature or history. Anime, manga or furry art are all artificial creations, which can be assigned to the so-called anthropomorphic field.

Meaning and explanation: What are „femboys“?

Femboys are often seen in all these genres and therefore play a predominant role in these artistic directions. The consumption of these art representations is also almost exclusively by the younger generation up to a maximum of 30 years. However, the term Femboy has experienced a completely new spread not least through the Internet. Because worldwide exist more and more communities and forums specialized in femboys, which deal exclusively with this topic. In addition, these forums are also a place for like-minded people to exchange ideas and learn about the latest trends. If femboys are accompanied and interviewed over a longer period of time, it can be stated again and again that this is always a temporary phase in life. So as soon as the age of 30 is passed, this special form of expression as a femboy is usually discarded again.

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