What is the „4u2pn2“ meme? Meaning, explanation, definition

The „4u2pn2“ has become one of the most popular memes on the Internet platform Reddit within the past few months, but is now also spreading virally on social networks. The „4u2pn2“ originates from the classic everyday comedy, in which this in itself unfunny serial number of a urinal, however, results in a funny abbreviation in the English language. After this was recognized by a Reddit user, he unceremoniously posted his insight and packaged it into an entertaining superhero meme. Since then, the meme has been used in a wide variety of sub-contexts.

„4u2pn2“ is still comparatively unknown in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but it is conquering social media accounts and forums alike in this country. But what exactly is the meme all about and what does the abbreviation „4u2pn2“ actually mean? The following article will provide some interesting information about this. At the same time, the meme will be socially classified and critically examined.

Definition of the „4u2pn2“ meme

The „4u2pn2“ meme is basically the serial number of an „American Standard“ brand urinal, which is affixed to it. The number is „4u2pn2“. If you pronounce the abbreviation in English, you get the wording: „For U Two Pee N Two“, which sounds very similar to „For you to pee into“. This makes the serial number, which is located on a urinal of all things, which, as we all know, has the purpose of peeing in it, really funny. Because the abbreviation „4u2pn2“ indirectly fulfills two purposes: On the one hand, it serves as an actual serial number, on the other hand, it is an invitation to use the urinal for peeing. This results in a very effective communication for the viewer, even if this was probably not the intention of the urinal manufacturer.

Where does the „4u2pn2“ meme come from and what is its significance?

The „4u2pn2“ meme has been around since 2017, when a Reddit user named „/u/London_Atlas“ posted a meme on August 4, 2017, which included the image and a funny saying. It quickly received around 50,000 likes and over 700 comments, which was unusually high considering the user’s reach at the time. The meme quickly went viral, as other users decided to use it for their own posts. Now the meme is already widespread and is often used in situations where the person actually knows what to do, but still comes across overly cautious descriptions or recommendations for action. The meme therefore joins a whole series of everyday comical discoveries and is so popular not least because of this.

Where is the „4u2pn2“ meme used everywhere?

The „4u2pn2“ meme is now used on various platforms as well as in different everyday situations. However, the following areas have particularly stood out:

  • the internet platform Reddit
  • in-game chats in online games
  • Spoken everyday language

In the further course of this section, the main areas of use of the „4u2pn2“ meme will be discussed in more detail.


On Reddit, the „4u2pn2“ meme is used in a wide variety of conversations and often serves as a funny interjection in discussions or heated chats. It provides many laughs due to its good understanding and generally lightens the mood. For this purpose, it is inserted into forum chats or serves as a group picture for conversation groups. Individual users customize the meme and add their own sayings.

Online gaming

The use of the „4u2pn2“ meme has become just as popular in online gaming. Here, the meme serves as a popular interlude in in-game chats, where it is posted especially when obvious situations occur in the game that do not require further explanation. In addition, the meme is often used here to make fun of other players or the game itself. Individual variants of the meme are also posted here, which only add to the general virality of „4u2pn2“.

Everyday language

Although the „4u2pn2“ meme is a rather figurative joke, the abbreviation „4u2pn2“ also made its way into spoken everyday language. This is mainly used in strange everyday situations as an expression of astonishment or amazement. At the same time, the expression is also used to make fun of other people’s misfortunes.

Who uses the „4u2pn2“ meme most often?

The main target group of the „4u2pn2“ meme, or the abbreviation itself, largely coincides with the Reddit target group as such. This group typically consists of people between 10 and 25 years old and can thus be assigned to the Z and Alpha generations. Among gamers and users of TikTok and Instagram, however, „4u2pn2“ is now just as well known, which is why the number of people who understand this meme and the abbreviation behind it is constantly growing. It can therefore be assumed that this abbreviation is currently understood by many people who are younger than 30. Older individuals often do not understand this or find no real access to the humor of the meme.

Critical examination of the „4u2n2“ meme

The joke behind the „4u2pn2“ meme is harmless in itself, but it is strongly opposed by many sides in places. Critics accuse this trend meme of being tasteless and not really educational. The youth would be animated with it to the stultification. In addition, it is just another trend that is often not understood by older and uninitiated people. Younger people who used the exclamation „4u2pn2“ in everyday life would sometimes be called weirdos by them.

Conclusion on the topic of „4u2pn2“ memes and similar memes

In summary, the „4u2pn2“ meme is a Reddit phenomenon that originated from a urinal of the US manufacturer „American Standard“. There, this was pictured as a serial number. The expression transliterates roughly as „you can pee in here“ and refers to the situational comedy. The meme was posted in the form of a homemade photo by a Reddit user and has since spread virally on Reddit itself as well as other platforms.

Related to the „4u2pn2“ meme are, among others, the popular Reddit memes „Praise Spez / Heil Spez“ and „Blue Smurf Cat.“ These also refer to situational comedy, as is ubiquitous on the Reddit internet platform. In contrast to these memes, however, the humor of „4u2pn2“ is much cruder, or rather more primitive.

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