What is the „dix neuf“ meme? 19 in french, explanation, meaning, definition

„Dix neuf“ is French and means „19“, so dix-neuf is the French word for the number 19.

But „Dix neuf“ also sounds like „deez nuts“. „Deez nuts“ is a well-known internet word joke. Via „19 in French“ it has found its way back into chats, text messages and conversations on the Internet.

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What is the „dix neuf“ meme? 19 in french, explanation, meaning, definition.

Since 2009, the word joke has been registered in the Urban Dictionary.

Already in 2016, the word joke became popular again on the Internet. (At that time on YouTube.) In September 2023, it became popular again. This time on X (formerly Twitter).

The special thing about „19 in french“ or „dix neuf“ is that the Google Translator has to be involved. If you ask the Google Translator what 19 means in French. It says the Translator the number. Who wants now just hears „Deez nuts“.

The joke „19 in french“ or „dix neuf“ also takes place in another way. You ask someone what the number 19 means in French. If the person answers „dix-neuf“, you can hear „deez nuts“.

Psychology of „19 in french“ or „dix neuf“: Meaning

The special thing about „19 in french“ or „dix neuf“ is that it is actually a harmless word, but with the punch line something indecent, taboo or obscene is pronounced. Because with „nuts“ the testicles are meant.

What happens here can also be called coprolalia. One has in the joke the possibility to say indecent words because they take place in the context of the joke and not because one wants to address them directly. Otherwise, one would not say this taboo word because, for example, authorities do not approve of it or it is forbidden.

This coprolalia points to a prudish and repressive morality where narrow-mindedness, uptightness and fear are at the center. „19 in french“ is a way to linguistically leave this morality behind.

Note: Coprolalia is a medical term. In coprolalia in the narrow sense, people uncontrollably say obscene or vulgar words, or make obscene or vulgar sounds.

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