What is the meaning of „iykyk“? Meaning of the abbreviation, definition, explanation

„Iykyk“ written out means „If you know, you know.“

What is the meaning of „iykyk“? Meaning of the abbreviation, definition, explanation

„Iykyk“ means, among other things, the following: „Who knows, knows it.“ (In the sense of „who understands it, understands it“).

But, what does „iykyk“ really mean?

„Iykyk“ is used to allude to insiders, inuendos, punch lines, exclusive information, or to specific experiences. „Iykyk“ is virtually a verbalized wink.

„Iykyk“ here is the suggestion and allusion that there is more behind a gesture, a statement or a look. Especially when someone writes „iykyk“, the point is that not everyone who reads it will understand it. Further, it means that a statement or action makes different sense to insiders than it does to people who are not in the know. „Iykyk“ is the indication that there is a second level of meaning.

Example: „Last night something went #iykyk“ – Explanation: The iykyk indicates that last night probably became more physical. If the iykyk would not be there, one could also ask: Yes, what went? A bus? You home? – But the iykyk indicates that something something happened, about which gentleman are silent, if you know what is meant.

Example 2: „I went shopping today. #iykyk“ – Explanation: the sentence can be understood that someone bought something that is not usually sold in stores like that. Bubatz, for example, or a substance cigarette.

Example 3: „What happens at the season finale is just crazy. #iykyk“ – Explanation: Something so unexpected and memorable happens in the season finale that you have to have seen it to be able to follow along. Those who have seen it just know what is meant by „crazy“.

Virtually any group can have these insiders. For outsiders, hints are not understandable and punchlines are not recognizable. Outsiders remain uncomprehending.

Exclusive knowledge exists, for example, between adults and children. This is often about what happens in the bedroom and what should be kept secret from children. Exclusive knowledge also exists between people with fetishes and people without fetishes. Those people with fetish see something different than people without fetish.

Dissemination IYKYK

For the first time, IYKYK was entered in the Urban Dictionary in 2016.

Between 2018 and 2021, several songs with „IYKYK“ as the title were released. This has also contributed to the popularity of the abbreviation.

On the Twitter platform, IYKYK reached great popularity in 2022. The hashtag was used over 11 billion times.

Other meaning of Iykyk

„IYKYK“ is a song by the following artists:

  • Elevation Rhythm
  • B-Lovee
  • Lil Durk

„If you know, you know“ is a song by rapper Pusha T. It was released in 2018.

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