What does Bubatz, Bobatz / Bobaz / Babak mean in english? Translation and meaning explained

“Bobatz,” “Bobaz,” “Bubatz,” and “Bubak” mean the same thing in the slang of the rap and hip-hop community. They mean: Joint or in censored english “Substances-cigarette”.

What does Bubatz, Bobatz / Bobaz / Babak mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

Presumably, the expressions go back to the expression “Baba Kush”. (However, this is unconfirmed).

Babak is Persian and means “little father.

Other expressions and synonyms include:

  • Jibbit
  • Bubatz
  • Bubaz
  • Bobatz
  • Babac
  • Bobak

“Bobaz” is also an italian term for “idiot” or “fool.”

What is the Bubatz meme? meaning, definition, explanation

Since the legalization of broccoli was decided by the german traffic light coalition, the word “Bubatz” has been haunting parts of the german and english Internet.

Reasons for the spread of the word “Bubatz” may be that this previously quite unknown word is probably very entertaining for many and therefore it is simply told and spread. Also the anticipation of the soon legalization provides for a spreading of the expression.

A verbization has also been spreading since mid-December 2021: “to bubatz”. Example: “Let’s bubatz”.

Bubatz, Bobaz and Babak in German Rap

(Song titles are translated)

  • Nimo – Song: “Koala” – Song line: “Bubatz and Chocomel”.
  • Nimo – Song: “Because an eagle does not fly with doves” – Song line: “Drink a cup, smoke a Bubatz”.
  • Nimo – Song: “Veni Vidi Siktim” – Song line: “Nimo original in lumberjack with bucket hat and bobaz”
  • Nimo – Song: “I do it like” – Song line: “Smoke my bubatz and make good music”
  • Nimo feat. Celo & Abdi – Song: “Hype” – Song line: “Hype on bobaz in harmony”
  • Nimo feat. Soufian – Song: “Let buds rain” – Song line: “sits in U detention because of the devil’s scales and Boobatz”
  • Nimo feat. Capo – Song: “Dolla Dolla” – Song line: “Build more Bubatz”
  • Capital Bra – Song: “Brown, yellow, purple” – Song line: “send the Bubatz”
  • Celo & Abdi – Song: “Women” – Song line: “Gucci leather boots with babakiss da”
  • Julez – Song: “Fick Fame” – Song line: “ch sitze mit ‘nem Bobaz auf der Couch” (sitting on the couch with a Bobaz)
  • Haftbefehl – Song: “Saudi Arabi Money Rich” – Song line: “Build me a babak”
  • SSIO – Song: “Rocco Siffredi” – Song line: “Rauch’ ein Babak”
  • SSIO feat. Schwesta Ewa – Song: “You don’t even have cookies at home” – Song line: “babaks and record hits”
  • Kalim feat. SSIO – Song: “No, unfortunately never!” – Song line: “left hand babak, right hand BigMac without cucumber”
  • SSIO feat. 257ers – Song: “The water is wet” – Song line: “As long as I build ‘nen Babak with Piece and grass”
  • SpongeBOZZ – Song: “Moonrocks” – Songline: “Babakush baller wie’n Kalashschuss”
  • DAT ADAM – Song: “NEXTLEVELSH*T” – Song line: “And she makes the rounds faster than the Babak”
  • DAT ADAM – Song: “Demons” – Songline: “this will be my last Babak”
  • Xatar – Song: “My great love” – Song line: “Babaks and Eimers”

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