Who is Hewg (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Blacksmith Master Hewg is an NPC in the computer game Elden Ring. Master Blacksmith Hewg is the first real blacksmith the player can encounter in Elden Ring. He upgrades armor and weapons beyond +3 level and duplicates Ashes of War for a fee, provided the player has the right materials.

What is known about Hewg? Elden Ring, History, Lore

Master smith Hewg is a prisoner who can be found in the Round Table Fortress. Despite his many differences from the other characters, he is always eager to forge the weapons even stronger. Over time, he has been able to perfect his forging technique. For him, this activity helps to endure his imprisonment.

What does Hewg do for the player?

During the first conversation with Master Blacksmith Hewg, he tells you about a mysterious she who he fears so much that he welcomes being a prisoner of the stained. When you talk to Master Blacksmith Hewg, you have the following options:

One can strengthen his armor, gaining access to the forge screen. The player can select Ashes of War and gain access to the Ashes of War screen. There is an option to duplicate Ashes of War. This gives the player access to the Duplicate Ashes of War screen. The Sell option brings up the Sell screen. There is also the option to call up a dialog with him, where he tells more about himself.

For which quest is Hewg relevant? Elden Ring

First encounter

Master Blacksmith Hewg can be found by entering the eastern corridor of the room where the Tablet of Lost Grace is located. There he can be seen hammering away just outside Fia’s bedchamber. When the player first meets Master Blacksmith Hewg, he will explain to you his situation as a prisoner of the Stained Ones. He offers his services to the player, allowing them to strengthen armor, apply Ashes of War, duplicate Ashes of War, and sell items for runes.

Persuade Hewg to talk to Roderika

Hewg will have an additional dialogue once players have completed Roderika’s quest and persuaded her to return to the Round Table. You must then talk to both Hewg and Roderika to unlock the Spirit Mood option. This allows players to strengthen their spirit ashes for all future battles.

Catch him praying to Queen Marika

Players can also catch Hewg praying to Queen Marika in front of his anvil. He mentions something about a weapon that kills gods, which makes more sense as the game progresses. You can talk to him about the prayer to get more dialogue.

Refusal to leave the Round Table

After players set the Earth Tree on fire, the Round Table fortress also burns down. Hewg’s chains are broken, but he refuses to leave the fortress. Instead, he tells the player that he will continue forging as long as his goal is to slay a god.

Loss of his memories

After defeating Maliketh, Master Blacksmith Hewg seemingly forgets everything that has happened up to that point. If you approach him at the round table, he will wonder who the player is and what happened. Even if Roderika comments on his behavior, both characters remain close by, which means that the player still has access to their services as blacksmith and spirit tuner.

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