Who is Godfrey (Elden Ring)? Boss, History, Fighting style, Strategy, Lore

Note: Spoilers about the main story and prequel of Elden Ring follow.

Godfrey is a character from the video game Elden Ring by Japanese development studio From Software. He is the first Elden Lord and appears twice as the boss opponent of the Tainted One (player character). Godfrey is an important character in the Elden Ring mythos.

What is the history of Godfrey? Elden Ring, Background, Story, Lore

Godfrey was among the most powerful warriors of the Interlands, the mystical realm where the so-called Higher Will and its Golden Order ruled. He married Queen Marika, who wore the Elden Ring and ruled over the interlands in the service of the Higher Will. From this marriage came the children and demigods Godwyn, Morgott and Mohg. Later, Marika passed the Elden Ring to Godfrey, giving him additional powers and making him the first Elden Prince. In the name of the Golden Order, Godfrey pursued the Fire Giants and contained the fires of the Raging Flame.

However, after fulfilling his destiny as a warrior for the Golden Order, he was stripped of the grace of the Higher Will. He was then expelled from the interlands by Marika. Godfrey was henceforth considered a Stained One, who rose to rule the Wastelands in exile. Thus Godfrey was the first Stained ever. In the Wastelands, he became known by his actual tribal name, Hoarah Loux. Like all Stained Ones, he died a cruel death.

Centuries later, the Higher Will is forced to bring all the deceased Stained back to life. After the murder of her son Godwyn, Queen Marika shattered the Eldenring in anger. As a result, the interlands fall into chaos. The Tainted Ones are therefore charged by the Higher Will to gather all the now scattered fragments of the Elden Ring and reunite them with each other in order to restore the Golden Order in the Interlands as the new Elden Prince.

Where can Godfrey be found? Elden Ring, Location

Raised by the Higher Will, Hoarah Loux returns to the interlands as Godfrey and travels to the royal capital of Leyndell. It is here that players meet this difficult boss for the first time. First, Godfrey meets the players as a golden shadow (a sort of ghost of his former form before the exile) in the south of Leyndell.

The second time players fight Godfrey is near the end of the main Elden Ring storyline, at which point he appears in his physical form. This fight also takes place in Leyndell, but by this time the city has already been destroyed.

How does Godfrey from Elden Ring look like? Features, characteristics, weapons

Godfrey has thick gray-white hair and an equally noticeable gray-white beard. He wears golden armor with heavy and protective shoulder, forearm and boot plates, a golden crown and a blue cloak. The crown and cape are decorated with various patterns. Over his shoulders hangs the spiritual form of a white lion called Serosh. As a weapon he uses a huge, two-handed axe.

As Hoarah Loux, Godfrey wears only a loincloth and the forearm and boot plates. The lion Serosh has turned to blood, which covers his upper body. His bare fists now serve as his weapon.

What are Godfrey’s strengths from Elden Ring? Combat, Strategy, Skills

In spectral form, Godfrey is a slow opponent who uses his large axe to deliver various attacks that reach a medium to wide area around him. This includes a stomp attack that triggers an earthquake wave. In addition, he sometimes uses a ranged attack unannounced and thus surprising, to hit players who keep their distance due to his attacks with the axe.

The fight against Godfrey in his physical form consists of two phases, which differ significantly from each other.

Phase 1: In this phase, the fight resembles the first encounter. However, Godfrey is far stronger here, his attacks inflict more damage, have a greater range and vary more frequently. In addition, there is a new ability to summon a shockwave that reaches the entire combat area and immediately interrupts all player actions if they are hit by it. Shields are ineffective in this case. Players can only avoid the attack by dodging it at the right moment.

Phase 2: Once Godfrey loses 60% of his health, he puts down his axe and transforms back into Hoarah Loux. In this form, he moves to aggressive melee attacks. From the air, he moves in close to grab players and inflict a lot of damage. However, Hoarah Loux can still unleash earthquake and shockwave attacks that are more sudden than in Phase 1, so players will have to rely on attacks that take little time to execute.

Godfrey is resistant to holy power in any form and phase, but is vulnerable to lightning attacks and shock damage. If he is defeated, players will receive 300,000 runes.

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