Who is Dr. Livesey? Walk, Memes, Meaning, Explanation, Definition

Dr. David Livesey is a character from the novel „Treasure Island“ by Robert Louis Stevensen, published in 1883.

In the novel „Treasure Island“ Dr. David Livesey is a doctor.

In 2022, an excerpt of a 1988 Soviet comic adaptation became internationally popular on the Internet. The phonics song „Why Not“ by Ghostface Playa was added to the clip. The comic animation became known as „Dr. Livesey Phonk Walk“.

What is the Dr. Livesey Phonk Walk? Song, Meme, Explanation

The „Dr. Livesey Phonk Walk“ is a clip from the Soviet animated film Treasure Island.

In the clip that became famous, Dr. Livesey is seen walking with two other characters. In the scene, the phonk song „Why Not“ by Ghostface Playa is played. The scene went viral because of Dr. Livesey’s special walk and the Phonk song „Why Not.“

In the clip, Dr. Livesey is depicted as a Chad or GigaChad-like character. He has a strong chest, broad shoulders, a winning smile and walks (very) self-aware. Dr. Livesey is fearless, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Without fear or anxiety, he walks into uncomfortable situations.

Dr. Livesey’s confident walk was precisely one reason the meme went viral. Many social media users commented that he walks like a GigaChad.

Story of the Soviet comic Dr. Livesey:

The comic adaptation was produced in 1988 in Kiev, Ukraine, by the film studio „Kievnauchfilm“. (At that time Ukraine was not yet an independent state, but was part of the Soviet Union (USSR). In 1988 Ukraine was still called „Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic“).

The Russian name of Dr. David Livesey is Доктор Ливси. Dr. Livesey was voiced by Yevgeny Papernyy.

On an inset character card, Dr. Livesey is described as a kind and cheerful person who is good with people and is not married.

In scenes distributed on YouTube and other social networks, Dr. David Livesey is seen examining alcoholic Billy Bones and telling him to stop drinking if he wants to continue living. It is here that Dr. Livesey says his very famous line, „The words ‚rum‘ and ‚death‘ should mean the same thing to you!“ (As Dr. Livesey says the phrase, he can be seen holding a bottle of rum (labeled „Rom“) in his right hand and a skull in his left).

In other scenes, Dr. Livesey is seen fighting effortlessly, defending himself while smelling a flower, and handling bombs.

Spread: Dr. Livesey Phonk Walk (Meme)

Already in 2018, memes about Dr. Livesey spread on the Russian Facebook „VK“. In 2021, Dr. Livesey became popular on the Russian-language Internet. However, it was not until 2022 that the „Dr. Livesey Phonk Walk“ on TikTok became popular internationally. A video of Dr. Livesey was published here back in July. The phonk song „Why Not“ by Ghostface Playa was used for the video. A few weeks later, from the middle and end of August, the song went viral worldwide and became more popular.

International searches on Google for „Dr. Livesey“ increased massively from August 14, 2022. (A strong indication that the meme went viral).

Dr. David Livesey – Treasure Island: character, info

In the novel „Treasure Island“ Dr. Livesey is an intelligent, well-known, good and helpful doctor. He lives in the village of Black Hill.

Dr. Livesey is a calm and level-headed character who never acts hastily, but is always level-headed and keeps a clear head. For the character Jim, Dr. Livesey acts as a mentor of sorts.

Dr. Livesey is also a judge in the novel Treasure Island.

Dr. Livesey was born in England in 1708.

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