What does GigaChad / Giga Chad mean? Memes, Explanation, Meaning, Definition

GigaChad or Giga Chad is the most masculine man. He is an ideal image of masculinity. He radiates pure and pure positive masculinity. GigaChad is an archetype and internet meme.

What does GigaChad / Giga Chad mean? Memes, Explanation, Meaning, Definition

Giga Chad has charisma. His body is perfectly trained. His muscles are perfectly defined. He has well-defined pecs and abs. Of course, he also has well trained biceps. His beard is neatly trimmed. His hairstyle is in place. He has a broad chin and a strong chin line.

GigaChad has charisma and immense appeal. He takes up space – physically and mentally. When he enters a room, everyone looks at him. Women fall for him. Men want to be like him. GigaChad is an ideal image for men.

GigaChad is a 10 out of 10 star Chad.

The GigaChad is the Alpha among the Alphas. (See: What is a Sigma Male?).

The counterpart to the GigaChad is the GigaStacy.

Origin: GigaChad, Instagram, real man, real person

The man shown in the meme „GigaChad“ is actually named Ernest Khalimov. His nickname is „Berlin.“ He was born on March 1, 1969. He is a bodybuilder. (What a surprise!) Ernest Khalimov is a Russian citizen. His Instagram account is “berlin.1969“.

Ernest Khalimov was photographed by Russian photographer Krista Sudmalis for her project „Sleek’N’Tears“. She deliberately staged Ernest Khalimov in black and white (with charcoal effects).

The name „GigaChad“ was given to him by the Internet. Because here there is already the type „Chad“. However, to many the GigaChad seemed like a steiergung of the Chad.

Since 2017, the GigaChad has been spreading on the Internet. At that time, a photo of Ernest Khalimov from the series „Sleek’N’Tears“ was published in the subreddit „Bodybuilding“. The photo also appeared on 4chan. On 4chan, the name „GigaChad“ is said to have emerged.

Is GigaChad real?

The authenticity of the „GigaChad“ was repeatedly doubted. Since Ernest Khalimov also refused interviews, this fueled the doubts. Some even believed that the GigaChad was a 3D rendering. (It isn’t.)

It wasn’t until Ernest Khalimov took a stand on his Instagram channel on April 24, 2021 that the doubts subsided. He expressed himself that he was not particularly interested in the interaction and that is why he did not respond. He continued to say that he was shocked by all the criticism, but that he was happy about the compliments.

Can anyone become like GigaChad?

Note: These are assumptions of the editors. They are based on bodybuilding experience reports.

Technically, anyone can be as trained as GigaChad. However, it must be said that GigaChad probably spends many hours in the gym every day. (If not the whole day).

In the gym, he spends many hours lifting weights. This can become draining and boring without proper motivation. (Here’s a trick, by the way. A cheat day every 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days helps immensely to increase and maintain motivation).

GigaChad pays attention to his diet. He doesn’t let himself go. He pays close attention to make sure he eats enough protein and that he eats as little sugar as possible. He has to, otherwise such a body cannot be maintained. (Chocolate sorbet is then taboo, but a proffee is allowed. Pudding veganer one should not be also).

Also means can help to reach such a body definition.

Conclusion: If you can and want to devote a large part of your time to bodybuilding, you have a chance to become a GigaChad. But this requires a lot of perseverance. Because such a body is not created after months of hard training, but after years of intensive muscle work. If you want to become a GigaChad, you have to deal with the right nutrition. He must deal with muscle groups and their training. If you want to become a GigaChad, you have to dedicate a lot of your time to it. (But this is only possible if you also aspire to earn money with bodybuilding or modeling).

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