Who is Anthony Loffredo / „the black alien project“? life, profile, biography

„The black alien project“ (BŁλ₡ƙ λŁłE₦ PƦØJE₡₸ EVØŁU₸łØ₦) is a French internet personality and social media star who has become known for performing extreme body modifications on himself to look like a black alien. That’s why he calls himself „the black alien project“, his real name is Anthony Loffredo.

Anthony Loffredo / „the black alien project“: life, biography, profile

Anthony Loffredo was born in France in 1988, he is 34 or 35 years old, his exact date of birth is unknown. In 2012 Anthony Loffredo started his so-called „the black alien project“ at the age of 24. (Written as „BŁλ₡ƙ λŁłE₦ PƦØJE₡₸ EVØŁU₸łØ₦“). For this, he gave up his job as a security guard and got a complete tattoo from head to toe, including his eyeballs. He had silicone implants placed under his skin and his tongue split.

Anthony also had his ears, the tip of his nose and part of his upper lip removed to look more like an alien. In this case, the model for the appearance of an alien is the representation variant that many viewers are particularly familiar with from the American television series The X-Files.

In addition, Anthony Loffredo had two fingers of his left hand amputated to give it the appearance of a claw. He had to travel to Mexico for this, as the amputation of healthy limbs is forbidden in many countries.

His so-called transformation is only 46 per cent complete, according to his Instagram profile, which has 1.3 million followers. In fact, according to some Instagram posts, Anthony plans to have more body modifications done as part of his „black alien project“. These include the insertion of 30 more silicone implants in various parts of his body, the amputation of two more fingers on his still intact hand and the removal of part of his leg.

The announcement of the leg surgery in particular sparked controversy. His Instagram profile was briefly suspended and he lost several thousand followers after posting a picture of an amputated leg.

Anthony Loffredo / „the black alien project“: health problems, restaurant bans

Due to the operations performed on and in his mouth, Anthony Loffredo says he now has problems speaking clearly and distinctly. His unusual appearance has also meant that he is not welcome as a guest in several French restaurants. And he cannot find a job in his home country.

Anthony Loffredo: Instagram

Instagram: the_black_alien_project

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