What does Body Neutrality mean? Meaning, properties, explanation, definition

Self-confidence and well-being can only be achieved if our individual body perception is also positive. Today, however, we increasingly live in a world where social pressure and beauty standards are omnipresent. Social and media influences also ensure that self-acceptance is increasingly relegated to the background. The term „Body Neutrality“ pursues a revolutionary approach here, in which one’s own body is viewed in a completely neutral way and is evaluated neither extremely positively nor negatively.

But what exactly does „Body Neutrality“ actually mean and what is the concept behind it? The following article should give the reader an interesting insight into the inspiring world of „Body Neutrality“ and provide practical insights into this new trend. In addition, all the advantages and disadvantages of „Body Neutrality“ will be shown.

Definition of „Body Neutrality“

The word „Body Neutrality“ comes from the English language and is composed of the two terms „body“ and „neutrality“. Combined, „body neutrality“ can therefore be roughly translated as „neutrality towards one’s own body“.

Behind „Body Neutrality“ stands an ideology that promotes individual self-acceptance. The initial aim is to create a positive self-image. Instead of concentrating purely on outward appearances, the focus is instead directed to inner values. A neutral and less judgmental attitude towards one’s own and other bodies thus serves as an instrument to strengthen psychological well-being and not to view the body and life exclusively as an aesthetic object.

„Body Neutrality“ therefore indirectly stands for self-love, acceptance, and less superficiality, as less importance is attached to a person’s outward appearance.

Origin and meaning of „Body Neutrality“

The exact origin of the expression „Body Neutrality“ is not exactly known. Presumably, however, „Body Neutrality“ is a further development of the „Body Positivity“ trend that has emerged within the past few years in the social media. What is striking is the fact that this trend is also composed of two nouns and basically consists of the word „body“ and another noun. This creates a certain recognition value, as „body positivity“ is already widely known and „body neutrality“ sounds quite similar. Nevertheless, the latter term developed independently in the online as well as self-help community and can be traced back to the desire to cultivate a healthier and more unbiased relationship with one’s own and other bodies.

Use of „Body Neutrality“

Today, we encounter the term „Body Neutrality“ in many different aspects of life. It has long since established itself in normal linguistic usage, although some areas are particularly predestined for the use of „Body Neutrality“:

  • Esotericism
  • social media
  • Everyday life

The following paragraphs therefore once again provide more comprehensive information on the most common areas of use of the trendy term „Body Neutrality“.


„Body Neutrality“ has increasingly become a trending term in the esoteric community as it promotes the principles of self-acceptance and inner peace. Thus, „Body Neutrality“ promotes a holistic view of one’s own body and directs the focus away from purely physical aspects. Especially in esotericism, turning towards spirituality and away from earthly things are of enormous importance. The body is said to be a temple of the soul. Esoteric practices, such as self-love and yoga, support this – „body neutrality“ appears to be the perfect attitude for achieving this.

On social media platforms

Contrary to the previous approach on social media à la „Higher, faster, further!“, „Body Neutrality“ is becoming increasingly popular among many users. As a result, many users are now posting pictures of themselves in which they appear unflattering or unstaged. Neutral pictures and postures as well as a lower focus on optics make this trend so appealing. At the same time, the word „body neutrality“ is being spread virally on social media in the form of hashtags.

In everyday language

The term „body neutrality“ has also become part of everyday language, where it is used and understood by young people and adults alike. Body neutrality“ is used here in both spoken and written everyday language, such as on WhatsApp.

All advantages and disadvantages of „Body Neutrality“ at a glance

„Body Neutrality“ offers both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • more neutral and less judgmental approach to one’s own body
  • reduced social pressure
  • healthier self-image and better mental health
  • more focus on the functionality and health of one’s own body

In turn, the disadvantages of „Body Neutrality“ include:

  • not suitable for everyone
  • no one-size-fits-all solution in terms of individual (health) challenges
  • individual needs and preferences are equally important
  • Critical view of „Body Neutrality“.

While „Body Neutrality“ is an overall positive achievement, it is also sometimes strongly challenged from many quarters. In the eyes of critics, the idea of neutrality with regard to one’s own body gives the impression that people are indifferent to their external appearance, or to their health. Furthermore, a lack of aesthetics and effort in relation to the outer appearance is criticized. Furthermore, it is questioned whether „body neutrality“ can be adequately implemented in a society characterized by external beauty ideals. Critical self-reflection and a certain degree of „body neutrality“ should also be maintained. Critics also see „Body Neutrality“ as another abstruse trendy term that differs little from the already familiar „Body Positivity“ and thus does not „reinvent the wheel“.

Conclusion on the topic of „Body Neutrality“ as well as similar terms

In summary, „Body Neutrality“ represents a slight variation of „Body Positivity“, which preaches positivity in relation to one’s own body. In „Body Neutrality“, on the other hand, a certain neutrality, or indifference, is desired. Here, too, the focus is turned away from outward appearance. The goal is to promote mental health. Both „Body Neutrality“ and „Body Positivity“ represent trend movements of the esoteric and the self-help scene. The practice of „Body Neutrality“ does not follow any particular scheme and can be freely decided by each individual. Only the embodied values are important.

Related to the term „Body Neutrality“ are, among others, the words „self-acceptance“ and „self-love“. While „self-acceptance“ only aims at the mere acceptance of one’s own body, „self-love“ expresses an unconditional love towards one’s own body.

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