Who is Agheel (Elden Ring)? Dragon, Boss, History, Fighting style, Strategy

Agheel is a flying dragon in the Limgrave region of the open-world action role-playing game Eldenring. He is a free boss. No quest needs to be completed for the fight. The fight takes place in the wild at Lake Agheel.

Shortly after the tutorial, the player can encounter the flying dragon Agheel in the starting area of the Limgrave Eldenring region. The fight against the flying dragon Agheel right after a short playing time is usually hopeless. The player’s equipment available at the beginning is not enough to win. The player must be extensively prepared for the battle. Therefore, other quests should be completed first in the Limgrave region.

Against the flying dragon Agheel, the player can fight at any time and try several times. If the player flees from the fight, then the dragon is reset. The fight against the flying dragon Agheel is the most challenging in the Limgrave region.

The location of the flying dragon Agheel: Elden Ring

The flying dragon Agheel is located in Limgrave, the starting area of the game. At the beginning he camps hidden in the swamp. The location is east next to the Cave of Knowledge. As soon as the player approaches this location, the dragon flies into the air and heads for an island in the center of Lake Agheel, the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. After this tutorial, the flying dragon Agheel can always be found on this island.

The Dragon-Burnt Ruins are a small island in the center of Lake Agheel. This is where the flying dragon Agheel sets up camp as the game progresses and only leaves the island for battle. Lake Agheel is to the east near the Church of Elleh.

The attacks of the flying dragon Agheel

The flying dragon Agheel has a total of six attacks. These attacks are very effective both close and far away. In addition, the dragon moves very quickly on the ground. The player must be constantly on the move to dodge the attacks.
On the ground, the flying dragon attacks Agheel with the Bite, Tail Slash and Breathe Fire attacks, as well as the Stomp attack. The Bite attack is always performed backwards if the dragon’s rear end or ankles are attacked. During the tail slash, the flying dragon Agheel raises its right wing. The lifting is followed by a quickly executed circular strike with the tail. The Breathe Fire attack results in a one-hit kill for the flying dragon Agheel, provided the player is hit directly. The dragon breathes fire in a stream shaped into a cone. In the stomp attack, the flying dragon Agheel stomps any foot and attempts to crush the player.

In the air, the flying dragon Agheel has the attacks slam and spit fire. When slamming, the dragon hovers in the air and then slams its claws towards the player. The fire breathing attack is very effective. The dragon exhales fire towards the player while flying. In doing so, it floods a huge area with fire. When moving backwards on the ground, the attack Fire Spitting is also triggered. Executed on the ground, this attack is not very effective

The fight with the flying dragon Agheel

The flying dragon Agheel fights on the ground and from the air. He flies during the fight and lands at different places on the Agheel lake. The fight with the flying dragon Agheel is, so to speak, in the open-world action role-playing game Eldenring the tutorial for fights against bosses from horseback. During the fight, players have to quickly cover large distances to reach the dragon after it lands, before it flies off again. As a strategy for fighting the flying dragon Agheel, it is recommended that the player constantly circles Lake Agheel with his horse, attacking the dragon depending on its position. Fighting on foot usually results in a kill for the player.

The flying dragon Agheel can only be defeated in ground combat. Once the dragon is in the air, the player can only dodge the dragon’s attacks from the air. The player must escape the attack in question. Effective counterattacks are not available. A protection from the attack Fire Spitting are the rocks lying in the swamp.

As soon as the dragon lands, damage can be dealt to it. The damage is higher the more often the player hits the dragon’s hind legs and wings with his weapons. The better the player’s weapons are, the higher the damage inflicted with each hit.

The reward for the victory over Agheel

The reward for the victory in the battle with the flying dragon Agheel is 5,000 runes and a dragon heart. The 5,000 runes are the accumulated experience in battle. They can be used to purchase new equipment or level up the player’s character. The Dragon Heart is a valuable quest item. It can be used to perform the Dragon Communion ritual. In exchange for the Dragon Heart, the altar can be used to learn powerful spells from the old dead dragon, such as Dragon Fire, Dragon Claw or Dragon Maw.


Agheel is a flying dragon of the open-world action role-playing game Eldenring. The battle with the dragon is very challenging. The dragon has an extensive repertoire of attacks and it can only be defeated on the ground. Defeating the dragon Agheel is rewarded with 5,000 runes and a dragon heart.

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