What is Short King Spring? Meaning, explanation, definition

„Short King Spring“ is the name of a current dating trend on online dating portals, according to which women are consciously looking for shorter men. If you look at evolution, when it comes to the opposite sex, women usually go for bigger, stronger and more successful men who offer security and a shoulder to lean on. „Short King Spring“ thus represents a great contrast to the prevailing male ideal and is considered refreshing and different not least because of this.

Since the „Short King Spring“ is a phenomenon that spilled over from Hollywood to the relevant dating portals such as Tinder or Lovoo, this expression is still relatively unknown to many people in this country. The following article is therefore dedicated to a comprehensive definition of the term „Short King Spring“ and where the trend can be observed. In addition, a historical and social classification of „Short King Spring“ will be given.

What is Short King Spring? Meaning, explanation, definition

The term „king“ refers to the symbolic head of the relationship (usually the man). Accordingly, „king“ here can also be translated as „partner“, „friend“ or „husband“. According to the adjective „short“ (or „small“), the king tends to be of small stature or has a lower social status. Behind „spring“ (or: „jump“) is the idea that the smaller man can appear much taller through his personality and appearance.

Where does the new „Short King Spring“ trend come from? Origin

The term „Short King Spring“ first spread on the social media platform TikTok and means that it is currently a big trend for women to choose a man who is smaller compared to their own height. Despite his relatively smaller body size, however, he has a strong self-confidence that more or less makes up for his lack of height for the woman.

The inspiration for the „Short King Spring“ are relationships and marriages of Hollywood celebrities, where the man is physically much smaller than the woman, but can successfully hold his own in the world.

However, it is not possible to pinpoint the exact origin of the „Short King Spring“ trend. It probably emerged within the last two to three years and is currently experiencing an extremely big hype.

What are the advantages of the „Short King Spring“ trend?

The „Short King Spring“ offers a whole range of advantages, especially for smaller men. These will be listed below:

  • Strengthening of self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • Emphasis on positive qualities
  • Moving away from the ideal of height (and that this alone is responsible for happiness in life)
  • Strong presence on social media and support from a large community
  • Overcoming potential insecurities and fears
  • More appreciation and acceptance for short men

Overall, the „Short King Spring“ offers a variety of benefits that make it so popular among members of younger generations.

Has the Short King Spring existed in the past?

Although the „Short King Spring“ is more of a trend of the social media age, there have always been cases in history where women deliberately chose a much smaller man by their side. As a rule, this man had enormous self-confidence and social prestige, so that the short height did not matter. Examples of this could be the French general Napoleon Bonaparte, who was only 1.68 metres tall, or the US actor Danny DeVito, who was only 1.47 metres tall. The US rapper Lil Wayne also managed an impressive career with his height of just 1.63 metres and is overall very popular with women.

So the past shows that the „Short King Spring“ also existed in the past, although at that time it was not a trend spread by social media. Above all, however, the phenomenon of the „Short King Spring“ influenced the areas of career and success, but less so relationship life.

Social classification of the „Short King Spring“

In terms of society, the „Short King Spring“ can be attributed primarily to the „Millenials“ and „Generation Z“. These are the main group of people who use social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. The „Short King Spring“ therefore attracts the attention of people between the ages of 16 and 30, or is understood and implemented by people of this age.

However, the current trend of positive body awareness and the strengthening of one’s own self-confidence is also known to older generations such as Generation Y and Generation X. All of them see it as a positive trend towards diversity. They all see it as a positive trend towards diversity and a change towards ideals that are not fixed from birth, but that everyone can actively change. This is not possible with the attribute of body size per se, as this is genetically predetermined. However, one’s own self-confidence can be actively strengthened.

Criticisms of the „Short King Spring“

Despite the positivity of the „Short King Spring“ trend, there are some critics who speak out against this movement. Above all, it is criticised that „Short King“ addresses an overly stereotyping portrayal of short men. At the same time, physically inferior men are promoted (at least indirectly). Furthermore, there is no female counterpart to „Short King Spring“, which is why there is talk here of a certain discrimination against women. Supporters of the „Short King Spring“ critics are frequent proponents of the Darwinian theory, according to which „the law of the strongest“ applies in nature, which is primarily based on the genetics of the respective individual. However, nothing can be changed or optimised within one’s own life.

Conclusion on the topic of „Short King Spring“

In summary, it can be said that the „Short King Spring“ is a trend as well as a movement in which smaller men nevertheless receive recognition and approval from the female sex due to positive characteristics such as great self-confidence or success. The „Short King Spring“ has been spread mainly through social media and has always existed indirectly.

The terms „body positivity“ and „self-love“, for example, are related to the term „short king spring“. However, both terms do not describe short men who have great self-confidence, but preach them to be satisfied with oneself and one’s body.

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