What is the Wednesday Dance (Dance dance with my hands hands)? Explanation, song, instruction

„The Addams Family“ is a monster family penned by cartoonist Charles Addams. In the latest 2022 adaptation available on the streaming platform Netflix, the focus is on the daughter Wednesday Addams. In one episode, she performs the „Wednesday Dance (Dance Dance with my hands),“ which has since become a trend on TikTok.

What is the Wednesday Dance? (Dance dance with my hands hands)

The series character Wednesday Addams dances the dance in the fourth episode of the Netflix hit series „Wednesday“. The series is about the daughter Wednesday from the Addams family. Jeanna Ortega is responsible for the acting performance of Wednesday.

In the meantime, Jeanna Ortega has explained that she came up with the dance choreography herself. The inspiration for it comes ostensibly from the goth dance practiced in dance clubs in the 1980s. In the series, the dance is performed to the song „Goo Goo Much“ by „The Cramps. It has since become a trend on the video platform TikTok.

Viral TikTok trend – the dance challenge for the „Wednesday“ series

For the success on the social media platform TikTok, the dance was backed with another song. „Bloody Mary“ by Lady Gaga serves as the background sound for the choreography. In contrast to the original dance, the users here are opting for a faster version, resulting in a correspondingly trendy, modern dance version.

A scene from the episode entitled „Woe What a Night“ is primarily responsible for the dance trend on the Internet. The fourth episode of the series contains the relevant dance scene of Jeanna Ortega in her role as Wednesday Addams. In the said performance, she dances to the song at a so-called „rave’n“.

In the episode of the series, the dance scene is characterized by Wednesday attending the dance event with her crush Tyler Galpin. While she dances the „Wednesday Dance (Dance Dance with my Hands Hands),“ her movements are appropriate to those of a corpse. Accordingly, the TikTok trend focuses on the special and unique gestures of her hands with the song „Bloody Mary“ by Lady Gaga.

How to dance the Wednesday Dance? Instruction, Tutorial

The „Wednesday Dance (Dance Dance with my Hands Hands)“ has now been depicted by numerous users of the video platform TikTok and highlighted to a dance challenge. The dance steps are as follows:

1. walk forward while swinging your arms backward. Count to four while doing this.
2. as soon as Lady Gaga sings „with my hands“ in the song, it’s the zombie dance move’s turn.
Count to four again, then look up as soon as Lady Gaga sings: „above My Head, Head, Head“. 4.
4. turn to the side and do a „monkey dance move“ from the 1960s.
5. Lastly, do a flamenco style dance move.

TikTok user Niana Guerrero has now generated more than 10 million likes on the platform with her own performance. In addition to her, quite a few users focus on Wednesday’s special facial expressions in the series. Because there, she doesn’t blink once during the entire dance.

Background to the Wednesday Dance – allusions to the original series

Past moments of the Addams Family are discreetly honored. In particular, the father of the family, played by John Astin, receives a respectful tribute through the „Wednesday Dance (Dance dance with my hands).“ The same goes for the actress Lisa Loring dancing in 1964 in the original series, which is accompanied by a severed hand („ice cold hand“).

The series mother Morticia is played by Angelica Huston in the film „The Addams Family“. The film is also from the producer Tim Burton. A gesture from the „Wednesday Dance“ resembles a dance of said Morticia from the 1990s film production.

Background to the series Wednesday – where does the TikTok trend come from?

The streaming platform Netflix offers the series production „Wednesday“. It is a new adaptation of the „Addams Family“ that focuses on the sadistic youngest daughter Wednesday. She attends Nevermore Academy and further discovers her own psychic powers. In the series, she tries to use them to solve mysterious murders at the school caused by monsters. The idea and the script were written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

The series belongs to the genre of mystery-comedy and comedy-horror, respectively, and was jointly produced by Tim Burton and Netflix. Tim Burton is a well-known, successful director and producer, who gained fame through film productions, such as „Edward with Scissorhands“ or „Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“, among others. He directed the first four episodes of the first season. He is also listed as an executive producer („Executive Producer“).

Since the debut of the U.S. production on November 23, the series „Wednesday“ has already reached over half a billion households. The first season consists of eight episodes of 42 minutes each, and the large number of viewers has caused the record in one week. The record refers to the number of hours streamed in terms of English-language TV series. According to it, the production was watched a little more than 341 million hours. It also achieved a place in the top 10 rankings for series productions within 93 countries.

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