What is the „Love Eye Trick“? Meaning, explanation, definition

The „love eye trick“ is supposed to make the person you are attracted to also fall in love with the other person. Anyone who falls in love wants to please the person in question as much as possible. Many people therefore try tricks to attract attention to themselves.

Allegedly, the „love eye trick“ is a very easy way to cause the „subject of desire“ to fall in love and thus make great efforts superfluous. Although its success can be doubted, the „Love Eye Trick“ is a huge TikTok success with over 18 million views in April 2023. It has many imitators, especially among young people under 18. The creator of the trick is the TikToker @Sophieroseloyd.

How does the Love Eye Trick work? Explanation, effect, psychology

This is how the „Love Eye Trick“ is used: It involves eye contact that supposedly has a magical effect and makes the other person fall in love too. They can’t help it, so to speak. The trick is easy to perform and works by simply looking at each other in a certain order. You look into the other person’s left eye for a second, then turn to their lips and look into their right eye. Ideally, your beloved should be speaking, because you are not allowed to speak while performing the trick. There is another restriction: The „Love Eye Trick“ does not work with complete strangers and also only when both people are among themselves. They should at least know each other and have a certain affection for each other.

For thousands of years, curses, sorceries, imprecations and magical rituals have been used in connection with love relationships to bind the other person to the person in love. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to inventiveness in matters of love.

From a purely scientific point of view, there is no secret recipe that will make others fall in love with you. However, love spells and love rituals are still used to win back an ex-partner or to attract the person of one’s dreams. These are not practices of „dark magic“, rituals used to harm someone. Those who use such rituals reveal their enormous longing for fulfilment of their desires and how great their willingness is to become dependent on another person. The rituals are kept simple so that they are easy to imitate. It is mainly herbs, but also animal ingredients, whose consumption is supposed to work as a love spell. Love amulets that are given as gifts are also known and very common.

In all these cases where love spells are used, it is less about real love than about submission. One person is the powerful one and wants to cast a spell on the other. There is an imbalance between the two people and it is questionable whether, if interest has actually been aroused, a good relationship can be conducted under these conditions.

Eyes and eye contact: Love Eye Trick

Nevertheless, eyes and eye contact play an important role in falling in love and in relationships. It is not for nothing that the eyes are considered the mirror of the soul. They reveal a lot about us, because millions and millions of sensory stimuli are transmitted to the brain via the visual cells and processed into images. Every person reacts to what they perceive within milliseconds with emotions. The eyes also play the main role in projecting the inner self outwards.

During a conversation, we look into the eyes of the person we are talking to without thinking, because only here can we read their feelings. Words hardly have any meaning any more. This explains expressions such as „love at first sight“, „feeling seen through“ or „making eyes at someone“. Unlike our lips, we cannot control our eyes.

The size of the pupils changes when light falls on them, and the emotional centre of our brain is also directly connected to our pupils. These are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, so we have no influence on them. Fear, stress and joy cause the pupils to dilate, while tiredness automatically causes them to constrict. Eyelids and brows perfectly complement non-verbal communication.

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