What is a „Granola Girl“? Meaning, definition, explanation

The concept of the „Granola Girl“ has become a real trend in recent years. Similar to the „Granola Boy“, the „Granola Girl“ describes a generation of young people who stand for a strong environmental awareness, sustainability and personal happiness in their lives. They don’t want to be labeled „hippsters“ and place a high value on healthy, wholesome food and less on material things. „Granola Girls“ are therefore strongly oriented towards the concepts of veganism as well as climate activism.

Although the term „Granola Girl“ is already over ten years old, it is only now that it is appearing more and more frequently on social media as well as on television. It has also made its way into spoken everyday language in recent years. What exactly a „Granola Girl“ is and how it is defined will therefore be the subject of the following article. In addition, the typical characteristics and features of a „Granola Girl“ will be shown.

Definition of „Granola Girl“

The term „Granola Girl“ is composed of the nouns „granola“ and „girl.

What is meant here is the preference of those girls for the muesli variety „Granola“ or for muesli in general. „Granola“ itself is a very healthy food, which consists of various cereals and nuts and seeds, and is usually eaten for breakfast, but also as a healthy snack. The popularity of „granola“ is especially great in the English-speaking world – in this country, „granola“ is better known as „crunchy muesli“.

A „Granola Girl“ can also be perceived as a derogatory term for a girl who consciously eats healthy food or is committed to environmental protection.

Interpretation of the term „Granola Girl“

The food „Granola“ has an abundance of healthy and high-quality ingredients, such as whole grains, nuts and honey and provides the body with a lot of calories, respectively energy. Granola“ is therefore considered to have a number of positive health effects. Therefore, „Granola Girls“ are said to be very attentive to their health and try to influence it positively through a high-quality diet. It does not necessarily have to be only „Granola“ – other, healthy foods are also possible for this.

„Granola Girls“ are therefore very sustainable, health-oriented and, not least because of this, not very risk-averse or even boring. This is why the term „Granola Girl“ is often used derisively to refer to a girl or young woman who lives an alternative lifestyle that is often described as not worth living.

History and evolution of the expression „Granola Girl“

The term „granola girl“ first appeared in the Urban Dictionary of the US English language in 2013. Its origin is therefore believed to be in the USA. Nevertheless, the term „Granola Girl“ has been around for much longer. Back in the early 1960s, „granola“ was a popular food among the hippies of the time. Later on, the „Granola Girls“ became especially known for their environmental protection, or rather environmental activism. Since the 1980s, the term „Granola Girl“ has been used to describe girls or young women with an alternative lifestyle.

Main characteristics of a „Granola Girl“

In the following subsections, the following main characteristics of a „Granola Girl“ will be discussed in more detail:

  • Personality
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Lifestyle

Personality traits

„Granola Girls“ are generally considered to be close to nature, environmentally conscious as well as animal lovers and possess an extremely health-oriented personality. At the same time, they show a high level of commitment to social issues, the community and education. Also characteristic for „Granola Girls“ is their interest in alternative art as well as music or literature.

Interests & Hobbies

In terms of interests and hobbies, „Granola Girls“ (also in the sense of a health sustainable lifestyle) are mainly engaged in yoga, jogging and soft hiking or cycling. These are primarily cardiovascularly healthy sports that can be integrated perfectly into the individual’s daily routine. Also popular are excursions into nature, climbing and everything else that has to do with maintaining one’s own health. The above-mentioned hobbies are carried out primarily out of inner conviction and are therefore rarely perceived as strenuous by „Granola Girls“.


A strong influence on the lifestyle of „Granola Girls“ is their diet, which is characterized by sustainable organic products, often homegrown, as well as concepts of vegetarianism and veganism. Furthermore, „Granola Girls“ spend a lot of time doing sports (ideally in nature). In terms of transportation, they try to keep their individual, biological footprint as small as possible. Also, the daily life of „Granola Girls“ is often characterized by self-reflection.

Criticisms of „Granola Girls“

Although „Granola Girls“ have quite desirable ways of thinking and acting, they are sometimes strongly criticized from many sides. It is often criticized that „Granola Girls“ are not „go-getters“ enough and would therefore miss out on a lot in life (which is often associated with risk and adventure). Furthermore, „Granola Girls“ are criticized for their sometimes dogmatic and moralizing attitude, which they often try to transfer to other people. For many non-„Granola Girls“ their views are also considered to be strongly restrictive and partly unworldly. In many social situations, the views of „Granola Boys“ therefore hinder the development of social contacts. Last but not least, „Granola Girls“ are criticized simply because they lead an alternative lifestyle.

Conclusion on the topic of „Granola Girl“

So, to sum up, „Granola Girls“ are a former subculture of the hippie scene from the 1960s, who define themselves by a health-conscious diet, sustainability and environmental protection. They were named after the food „granola,“ which consists of whole grains, nuts and other ingredients. „Granola Girls“ are often socially engaged and glorify an alternative lifestyle that is in harmony with nature.

Related to the term „Granola Girl“ are the terms „Treehugger“ and „Vegan Warrior,“ among others. While a „Treehugger“ represents a person who chains himself to trees to protect them from being cut down, the term „Vegan-Warrior“ is used for people who actively advocate veganism and try to impose this way of eating on other people. Both terms are – as is the case with „Granola Girl“ – primarily used in a pejorative context.

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