What is Scripting (for manifestation) and how does it work? Explanation, meaning, definition

Scripting is a manifestation exercise in which you write down your desires or goals in order to manifest them.
Scripting can be a helpful tool in making your desires a reality.

How does Scripting work? Explanation

Scripting is writing down one or more wishes and then acting as if the wish has already come true. You try to feel as you would if the wish were already a reality. You also regularly imagine exactly how it will be when the wish has come true, how you will behave and what life will be like. The more intensely one engages in this imagining, the more likely scripting will work. The idea is based on the law of attraction.

What is the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction, also called the Law of Resonance, states that there is a connection between our inner feelings and thoughts and reality or our outer circumstances. Simply formulated, it means that like attracts like – thoughts become things. Thus, it is not so much what one wishes for that becomes reality, but rather what one thinks about a lot.

According to the law of attraction, every thought generates a certain vibration and thereby attracts thoughts and feelings with similar vibration.

Scripting Guide

You start by writing down a goal. It does not matter if it is a single word, a sentence or a whole page. The more often you write down the goal and the more detailed you formulate it, the higher are the chances of success.

Now you focus very strongly on it and imagine exactly how it will feel when the goal is achieved. Again, the more detailed and intense the imagination, the higher the chances of success.
Finally, it is important to be grateful in advance that you will reach the goal and to feel this gratitude authentically.

There is no ultimate, correct method in scripting or manifesting that guarantees success. Rather, success depends on how honestly one believes in it, how intensely one experiences the future feeling world in the now, and how frequently one experiences the thoughts and feelings of the future.

Frequently asked questions about scripting and manifestation

1. How many goals can one manifest at once?
The method works best if you focus on one goal at a time. Especially in the beginning, one is otherwise quickly overwhelmed or does not succeed in practicing manifestation authentically and intensively.

2. How often should one manifest daily?
The more often one manifests, the greater the chances of success. This does not mean that one should sit down and write or meditate several times a day. It can be enough to recall the feelings and thoughts again and again.

3. Can I manifest everything?
Yes. There are no limits to scripting and manifesting. The greater the desire or goal, the more elaborate and lengthy the process can be until it is achieved. In principle, however, it is possible to manifest any goal.

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