What is „Goblin-timacy“? Meaning, explanation, definition

Based on mystical, small creatures that live in mysterious dimensions, a new trend has developed in the dating world in recent years, which is also referred to as „Goblin-timacy“. The new trend refers to a previously unexplored phenomenon in which people looking for a partner make themselves look smaller, or more unlovable, than they really are. In this way, the coveted counterpart is supposed to experience a surprise effect and their own chance of a potential partnership is increased.

The „Goblin-timacy“ leans only conceptually on the small creature beings named „Goblins“, means however a psychological method for the purposeful self presentation – and in unusual way. What exactly the new „Goblin-timacy“ is all about, where it comes from, where it can be observed particularly often and by which groups of people it is preferentially used, will be explained in more detail in the following article.

Interpretation of the term „Goblin-timacy“

The term „goblin-timacy“ comes from the English language and is made up of the two words „goblin“ (meaning „small, gnome-like, nasty creature“ or „mythical creature“) and „timacy“ (meaning „intimacy“ or „outward appearance“). Combined, „goblin-timacy“ (which, by the way, is a made-up word) can therefore be roughly translated as „goblin presentation“ or „making oneself small“.

What is meant by this is the way in which an individual presents himself on the dating market, for example. Instead of displaying categorical courtship behavior, „goblin-timacy“ promotes the deliberate display of flawed characteristics. These can be character flaws as well as visual flaws. Instead of concealing these, they are deliberately produced on the outside.

The word „goblin-timacy“ itself is derived from the English „goblin mode“ and was chosen as the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2022. It describes behavior in which one acts modestly and reservedly, practicing understatement rather than exaggeration.

Origin and meaning of „Goblin-timacy“

The term „goblin-timacy“ probably originated at the same time as the word „goblin fashion“, namely in 2022. From then on, the new trend spread rapidly on social media and eventually also on dating platforms. Largely responsible for this are the operators of the dating app called „Badoo,“ which promotes the newly emerging authenticity of users. The algorithm behind the platform primarily pushes those profiles that score points through authenticity and likeability. This dating trend has also already become strongly established in the mindset of users (not least due to its spread on social media). „Goblin-timacy“ therefore means nothing more than presenting oneself as one really is and practicing likeable modesty in the process. Followers of the trend also strive for dates that are according to one’s own ideas as well as outside of social expectations.

How does „goblin-timacy“ work?

Basically, „Goblin-timacy“ is quite uncomplicated to implement. To do this, you select ordinary snapshots of yourself from various everyday situations. Then you create your own profile on a dating platform of your choice. The profile is then filled with sympathetic and realistic information about yourself. In this way, a modest and authentic image about one’s own person can be transported to the outside world.

Areas of application of „Goblin-timacy“

After the new trend „Goblin-timacy“ became more and more widespread in the past months, it is now encountered in the following areas of life:

  • Dating platforms
  • Social media platform
  • Everyday life

The following subsections should therefore be used to take a closer look at the main areas of use of „Goblin-timacy“ mentioned above.

Dating platforms

On dating platforms, the new „goblin-timacy“ trend is primarily used in the creation of individual dating profiles. Here, natural snapshots from everyday life are used and uploaded to the platform. Subsequently, the user’s own profile is filled with individual information – but in a sympathetic and honest manner. The authentic information then attracts more suitable partners, which can lead to more sustainable and better relationships.

Social media platforms

However, „goblin-timacy“ is now just as popular on social media platforms, such as Instagram. There, influencers are increasingly taking a liking to the new trend, which advocates more authenticity. Accordingly, they are uploading their own videos of everyday situations in which the protagonists appear before the camera without makeup, for example. Furthermore, the trend word „goblin-timacy“ is being spread here in the form of comments and hashtags.

Everyday life

In everyday life, too, people are increasingly taking a liking to portraying themselves as they really are. This doesn’t even have to involve purely visual aspects. Disguising one’s own personality is now considered equally unpopular, which is what „goblin-timacy“ is trying to address.

Social classification of „Goblin-timacy“

Socially, „Goblin-timacy“ can be classified in pretty much all age groups. Although it is primarily known among social media and dating app-savvy individuals, it is also gaining more and more followers in other target groups. Goblin-timacy“ can therefore be understood as an overall social phenomenon that is currently going viral and is likely to spill over into other areas of everyday life in the future.

Critical view of „goblin-timacy“

Nevertheless, „goblin-timacy“ also has some – in some cases sharp – critics. The main criticism is that „Goblin-timacy“ is an „invitation to let oneself go“. Instead of making an effort in the search for a partner and presenting oneself in the best light, things would be left to chance and in places potential would be left by the wayside. Critics also see „goblin-timacy“ as further evidence of the moral decay and general brutalization of society that is taking place. Furthermore, the term „goblin-timacy“ is criticized as such because it would be just another trendy social media term.

Conclusion on the topic of „Goblin-timacy“ and the naming of similar terms

Overall, „Goblin-timacy“ can be understood as a new trend in the dating field, where people present themselves exactly as they really are. This concerns optical, but also character aspects. Goblin-timacy“ therefore promotes more authenticity and sometimes also spills over into the areas of social media and everyday life.

Related to the term „Goblin-timacy“ are, among others, the terms „Furries Romantic“ as well as the „Triangle Method“. In „Furries Romantic,“ followers show their love and affection by attending Furry events together. In contrast, the „Triangle Method“ aims at a psychological trick in which the counterpart is to be animated to a kiss by gestures and facial expressions.

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