What is the „I am Sure“ method? Meaning, explanation, definition

It is not always easy to „manifest“ one’s own wishes or needs. In addition to self-fulfilling prophecies and the law of attraction, there is now also the so-called „I am Sure“ method, in which one’s own happiness and success can be virtually conjured up. By autosuggestion and firm faith the desired results are to be already anchored in the subconscious, before these can be converted then as by itself in the material life.

The „I am Sure“-method therefore mainly works on the level of the subconscious and is supposed to unleash new self-confidence in one’s own powers, respectively for one’s own imagination. How the „I am Sure“ method works in detail, where it comes from and where it is preferably applied, the reader will learn more interesting details in this article.

Derivation of the term „I am Sure“ method

The „I am Sure“ method is an English-language term, which can be translated approximately with „I am sure (of the thing)“. It refers to a planned intention or goal that is to be anchored in the subconscious through positive autosuggestion. Through the positive thoughts (which always represent the first step towards achieving the goal), the neural pathways in the brain are to be connected, thus enabling new impulses to generate solution paths. The „I am Sure“ method thus first tells the brain that something is possible before it can actually be realized as a result. It is important that the „I am Sure“ method is implemented autosuggestively, i.e. by everyone themselves. It makes little sense to be persuaded externally, because then this information does not reach one’s own subconscious.

Origin and meaning of the „I am Sure“ method

The concept behind the „I am Sure“ method is not new in itself, but is only now experiencing a lot of hype, driven primarily by social media. The „I am Sure“ practice was invented by the TikToker woman named „@hothighpriestess“, who preaches it in regular short videos on her TikTok channel. On this channel, the influencer reveals her own goals and desires, which she then repeats autosuggestively (i.e. using the „I am Sure“ method) in a mantra-like manner and thus talks herself into the subconscious. On the other hand, the influencer also tries to encourage her viewers to use this method.

The bottom line is that the „I am Sure“ method is an autosuggestive practice that is realized from positive coaxing (by oneself) and firm belief. In addition, individual visual imagination can be used to further visualize one’s desires and goals. The goal is a manifestation in the subconscious.

How does the „I am Sure“ method work?

In order to make use of the powerful „I am Sure“ method, the following steps must be completed:

1. determination of desires, goals and life concepts.
2. visualization in the mind (creating a pictorial image)
3. daily repetition of visualization + autosuggestion (that everything is achievable and doable)
4. daily practice of autosuggestion aloud in front of the mirror (mantra-like, until self-conviction occurs)
5. maintain confidence in one’s own strengths
6. in between regular relaxation exercises
7. record successes in your own journal (so that these can be „stored“ for the subconscious)

If you actually implement the above steps, your body and mind will find ways to make your individual desires, goals or life concepts come true.

Using the „I am Sure“ method

The „I am Sure“ method is still quite young as such, but we already encounter it in many areas of daily life. Among them are mainly the following areas:

  • Social Media
  • Esotericism
  • Personality development

The following subsections will therefore be used to take a closer look at the main areas of application of the „I am Sure“ method.

Social Media

On social media (and especially on the platform TikTok), the „I am Sure“ method is currently going viral. This is used by many influencers to send positive vibes to their communities. At the same time, influencers are also encouraging their followers to do the same themselves. As a result, the „I am Sure“ method is enjoying more and more acceptance and is also becoming more well-known.


Almost at the same time, the „I am Sure“ method also established itself in esotericism, where it has been used (in a modified form) for some time. Here, however, it was previously known under the names „self-fulfilling prophecy“ and „law of attraction“. Nevertheless, the „I am Sure“ method is recommended, respectively practiced by leading esotericists.

Personality development

In personality development, the „I am Sure“ method has become an important tool for achieving individual goals, respectively for the further development of one’s own personality. This is usually only possible with great difficulty, because beliefs and our self-confidence often keep us away from our true goals. With the „I am Sure“ method, however, there is now a practical method for overcoming the limitations of one’s own character.

Social classification of the „I am Sure“ method

Socially, the „I am Sure“ method can be attributed primarily to younger generations, such as Generations Y and Z. These are between 20 and 35 years old. These are between 20 and 35 years old and are in the middle of their education/studies, at the beginning of their careers, or in their individual family planning. Positive encouragement from themselves is essential for achieving goals in the aforementioned area, which is why the „I am Sure“ method is correspondingly popular here.

Critical view of the „I am Sure“ method

Although the „I am Sure“ method has been proven to achieve positive results and is highly appreciated by many people, there are numerous critics who have a negative view of it. Critical voices often complain that it is a freely invented, esoteric method that is implemented solely through positive coaxing and self-talk and does not follow any real logic. In addition, the meaningfulness is strongly doubted, since no (real) changes could be brought about by positive faith.

Conclusion on the „I am Sure“ method and similar examples

In summary, the „I am Sure“ method represents a practice for self-motivation, strengthening one’s self-confidence and overcoming spiritual blockages, which was developed by a TikToker woman named „@hothighpriestess“. The „I am Sure“ method follows the principle of autosuggestion and the law of attraction and has a number of critics.

Closely related to the „I am Sure“ method are, among others, the „3-2-8 Method“ and the „Burnt Toast Theory“. Both methods are also new trends on social media that originated on the TikTok platform.

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