What is Celestial Dew from Elden Ring? Effect, properties, location

Celestial Dew is a consumable item in the game Elden Ring. Most consumable items provide various in-game effects such as HP restoration, status balancing, or temporary buffs and debuffs. With the Celestial Dew, however, you revive an NPC, a non-player character.

Celestial Dew (Elden Ring) Location

The Celestial Dew can be found in various places in the world of Elden Ring. It is especially important in the Church of Vows, where you can obtain absolution. Above all, it is needed when the player wants to learn more about the absolution of the Turtle Pope.

Celestial Dew’s finding spots are scattered throughout the game. The first and easiest of them is the Ainsel River Well. The Ainsel River Well is located in East Liurnia. The player must descend directly into the well to obtain the dew. The elevator must be used to descend to the bottom of the well. Once down, giant ants lurk, which must first be fought. At the subsequent fork in the road, the correct direction must be selected. You can also find a merchant who sells another Celestial Dew.

Other locations include Pidia The Merchant in Caria Manor, who trades the player the Tau. Another option to sell Celestial Dew is the Nomadic Merchant in Ainsel River. He sells Celestial Dew for 7500 runes each. Most Celestial Dew, however, is looted from corpses, which are found in Nokron Eternal City, Nkostella, and Night’s Sacred Ground, among other places. Thus, each corpse should be examined well, so that the hard-earned money is not spent only on Celestial Dew in the end.

Functions and effects of the Celestial Dew

The player is free to attack an NPC in Elden Ring. However, this has the consequence that the player can no longer continue with quest series or sell goods to merchants. Thus, killing NPCs massively hinders game progress. To still be able to enjoy Elden Ring, a character can be revived with the Celestial Dew. The revival leads to a kind of resetting of the character.

To revive an NPC with the Celestial Dew, Absolution must be sought in the church. To do this, only Celestial Dew must have been collected. Celestial Dew is picked up by the player. Afterwards, the Turtle Pope must be visited in order to obtain Absolution. In the course of this action, the player must kneel at the well and offer the Dew for absolution. Immediately after Absolution, NPCs are friendlier again and dead people live again, so trading and quests are available once more.

Although the Celestial Dew can be used to revive NPCs, you should still pay close attention to which characters are killed. After all, the panacea doesn’t work on every character. If the player intentionally or unintentionally kills a Traveling or Isolated Merchant, they will remain dead even with Absolution and the use of Celestial Dew. Thus, it can happen that quests and other merchants are still accessible, but many items for buying and selling are simply no longer available. It is also not possible to revive NPCs that are killed as part of the story or quests.

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