What does seleonphil mean? Meaning, explanation, definition

If someone is „selenophilic“, then he feels a strong fascination and attraction to the planet moon. The term is therefore to be assigned to the subject area of psychological esotericism. „Selenophilic“ people perceive the moon as beautiful, mystical and subordinate themselves to the cycles of the moon. For example, there is a special lunar calendar that shows the visibility of the moon from the planet Earth. In the different phases of the moon, „selenophiles“ then tend to behave in different ways.

„Selenophilia“ is still a comparatively unknown concept, but is becoming increasingly popular in this country. While most people feel more inclined to the sun (see also „sun children“ or „children of light“), selenophiles prefer the moon and its positive qualities.

The term „selenophile“ and „selenophilia“ will be explained in detail in the following article. For this purpose first a detailed definition of the term will be given, before characteristics of selenophilic people, examples and fields of application as well as effects and criticisms of „selenophilia“ will be discussed.

Definition and meaning of „selenophilic“

The word „selenophile“ comes from the Greek language and is composed of the noun „selene“ (meaning „moon“) and the suffix „-phil“ (meaning „loving“ or „love of“). Combined, „selenophil“ can therefore be translated roughly as „moon-loving“ or „inclined towards the moon“.

What is meant by this is an attitude of mind in which the person concerned has a deep attachment to and love for the planet moon and its effects on the earth. Selenophiles are particularly attracted to the moon or love to talk about this topic.

Selenophiles are therefore strongly antithetical to the otherwise common, social context on this topic. Most people feel more inclined to the Sun. Being inclined to the moon, however, does not at first glance feel a precise purpose, since it does not, for example, provide warmth or UV rays. The „selenophilia“ is therefore perceived in many places as unconventional to whimsical, respectively it is ignored or dismissed as nonsense not least because of this.

Which characteristics does a selenophilic person have?

Selenophiles regard the moon as a celestial object, which is able to have strong effects on the own everyday life, respectively the own destiny. The deep personal, as well as emotional connection to the moon also ensures that affected people deal a lot with the astronomical phenomena of the moon, such as the lunar cycles or lunar mythology. Selenophiles also appreciate the quiet atmosphere of the Moon and its nocturnal activities. They also secretly transfer these qualities to their personalities. Therefore, selenophiles are often perceived as rather introverted, mysterious and whimsical in places. However, the deep affection for the planet Moon does not have to express itself in socially harmful or even fanatical behavior.

Examples and fields of application of „selenophilic“

Selenophilia“ is mainly used in the field of art. There the moon is considered as an inspiring motive – for example in painting, photography or literature. Furthermore, „selenophilia“ also plays an important role in astronomy. Here, the moon is observed with telescopes or serves as a spiritual symbol. In fashion, the moon represents a frequently chosen style element for jewelry. Music lovers, in turn, like to choose the theme of the moon for song lyrics or music videos. „Selenophilia“ is therefore not a pure state of mind or inclination, rather it is an expression of art and individualism and accordingly has many followers.

Dealing with selenophilic people

When dealing with selenophilic people it is important that their love and fascination for the moon can be empathized with to some extent. It is also important to have an open and interested attitude as well as a positive exchange. Discussions about astronomical phenomena, the moon as such as well as mythological aspects are most likely to be the main subject of conversations with selenophiles. Ideally, selenophiles are given further access to resources on the Moon, such as books, documentaries, or astronomical events. The sometimes strange rituals of selenophiles should also be respected. For example, the most famous ritual is a nightly walk in the moonlight.

Effects of „selenophilia“

The effects of „selenophilia“ can be many, but are rarely negative in nature. Selenophiles often possess the following characteristics:

  • They exude a deep sense of calm and peace.
  • They are fascinated by the moon and its effects
  • They live strictly according to the lunar calendar
  • They find inspiration in the moon (and use this creatively to make pictures, music and literature on the subject of the moon)
  • You are spiritual
  • They are considered passionate and positive
  • They want to share their passion with others

„Selenophilia“ only becomes negative when what is in itself a harmless interest turns into fanaticism.

Social classification of „selenophilia“

Selenophiles exist in all social classes and age groups. Selenophilia is classified as esoteric and has followers from young to old, all nationalities and attitudes. It is also gender non-specific. However, selenophilia is a comparatively young concept, which has been more extensively researched only within the past few years.

Criticisms of „selenophilia“

Although selenophiles are neither aggressive nor otherwise harmful to society, selenophilia has been criticized from many quarters. Focusing one’s attention and passion solely on the moon can lead to the neglect of other, more important aspects of life. Furthermore, the truthfulness of the attachment to the moon is strongly doubted. This is because the latter has no effect on the individual per se – apart from its tidal effect and its nocturnal glow. Selenophilia is therefore often dismissed by critics as crankery. Selenophiles are therefore considered by critics to be whimsical people with a tendency toward autism.

Conclusion on the subject of „selenophilic“

The bottom line is that „selenophilic“ means that a person feels a strong inclination towards topics related to the moon. The planet moon, as a satellite of the earth, is revered and considered passions among selenophiles. For them, the Moon is considered a source of inspiration, hope, and creativity. Overall, therefore, selenophilia can be described as an esoteric movement, but one that is peaceful.

Related to the term „selenophile“ are, among others, the terms „philotimo“ and „philocaly“. By „philotimo“ is meant the love of honor and sincerity. On the other hand, „philocaly“ means that someone loves beauty. These are also, by and large, esoteric movements. People who have these characteristics feel strongly inclined to a certain subject or thing.

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