What is a „stay at home girlfriend“? Meaning, definition, explanation

The main characteristic of a „Stay at home Girlfriend“ (Sahgf for short) is that she does not go to work, but her boyfriend goes to work and provides for her financially. The „Stay at home Girlfriend“ stays at home, spends the day relaxing, does not pursue any profession or education, she goes to sports, goes for coffee and enjoys herself.

What is a stay at home girlfriend? Meaning, definition, explanation

A „stay at home girlfriend“ is not a housewife in the classical sense. That means she can take care of the household, but she doesn’t have to. She can do laundry, cleaning or tidying up, but she doesn’t have to. Rather – as the TikTok videos suggest – a „Stay at home Girlfriend“ has a lot of free time, which she spends on sports, relaxation and enjoyment.

The expression „Stay at home Girlfriend“ comes from English and can be freely translated as „stay at home girlfriend“. The expression is based on the English-language term „stay at home mom“. A „stay at home mom“ is a non-working mother who stays at home and takes care of the child or children. The counterpart to „stay at home mom“ is „stay at home dad.“

The first time the term has been used is by an influencer named Kendal Kay in August 2022 on the video platform TikTok. The young American posted a video of herself doing her normal daily routine. She captioned the video „Everything I did for my boyfriend – as a Stay at home Girlfriend“.

In the video, you can see her making coffee, making the beds, cleaning out the dishwasher, and making dinner, among other things. However, the activities in the video quickly faded into the background for viewers. The video rather gave the impression of a simple luxury life, which is also due to the fact that Kendal Kay is dating PR manager Lutz Lintz. Lintz is a millionaire and the apartment shown in the video is correspondingly luxurious.

The video started a trend on TikTok and several young women in turn posted videos in which they portrayed themselves as stay at home girlfriends or also used the videos to look for potentially wealthy men who wanted to get a girlfriend that way.

Criticism of the stay at home girlfriend

There are many people who are critical of the stay at home girlfriend trend. The problem is that in many videos, it seems like young women don’t have to do anything but look good and find rich men to be set for life. But in fact, very few women who are also dating rich men are completely financially dependent on their partners. A large proportion of women have their own jobs or run businesses in order to be financially secure.

Other voices suggest that such a trend would make it relatively easy for men to find young women who are easy to take advantage of. By pretending to the women that they want to support them financially, the men may demand other acts of a sexual nature in addition to domestic services. If the women are already financially or even socially dependent on the men at this point, they often see no other option than to submit to the demands.

However, it also becomes problematic when women, for example, give up their school, their education or even their circle of friends and family for the sake of their dream of a sahgf, and the relationship then eventually breaks down. The women are then completely destitute and have to somehow keep their heads above water with poorly paid odd jobs.

Disadvantages of a „Stay at home girlfriend

A „stay at home girlfriend“ is dependent on her boyfriend and his favor. If he doesn’t want her anymore and breaks up with her, she is left with nothing. She has no job and no money saved. Of course, this is only true if the „stay at home girlfriend“ has not used her free time to build a social media presence.

Stay at home girlfriends in Germany

In Germany, the TikTok trend of stay at home girlfriends is hardly pronounced, which is also due to the fact that the wealth situation is different and many women like to pursue their profession and are self-employed. It is true that there are also many people in Germany who earn very well and have a certain amount of wealth. However, the number is much smaller than in the USA. Accordingly, it is difficult for young women to find wealthy men who are also willing to support them completely financially. Experts believe it is more likely that the stay-at-home girlfriend trend will fade away just as quickly as most TikTok trends have done so far.

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