What is an „Ingredient Household“? Explanation, Meaning, Definition

In our fast-paced and hectic society, alternative lifestyles are becoming more and more of a trend for many people. This also applies to the „Ingredient Household“, which is much more than the name initially suggests. Rather, the objective behind it is a healthy way of living and eating that is in harmony with nature and the environment. The focus of an „Ingredient Household“ is therefore on fresh, local foods and conscious preparation. Instead of relying on industrial ready-made products, an „Ingredient Household“ prepares all meals fresh and, above all, itself.

Furthermore, the concept of an „Ingredient Household“ involves learning about one’s immediate surroundings and scouting out the sourcing of local, sustainable food sources. In this way, it is hoped to reinvigorate the local food industry, which at the same time helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gases caused by the unnecessary transportation of food from other countries.

The concept of „Ingredient Households“ is still quite new and few people are already implementing it in this way. The following article will explain the ideas behind it as well as the function and implementation of an „Ingredient Household“ in detail.

Definition of the term „Ingredient Household

The term „ingredient household“ is derived from the two nouns „ingredient(s)“ and „household“. Combined, „ingredient household“ can therefore be roughly explained as „ingredient household“.

This – admittedly rather meaningless – translation means that this concept of life places greater focus on (healthy and sustainable) ingredients. Accordingly, the ingredients are the main component that can make a healthy and satisfying as well as environmentally friendly lifestyle possible in the first place. By „household“ is meant not only one’s own household, but the individual lifestyle.

An „ingredient household“ is therefore not – as the name initially suggests – a household full of ingredients, but rather a way of thinking and living in which (healthy and sustainable) ingredients have a high value for one’s own quality of life.

Word origin and meaning of „Ingredient Household“

The idea behind „Ingredient Household“ probably originated in the USA, where it has developed within the last few years. It is likely that the concept emerged in the wake of the Corona Crisis, when people increasingly stayed at home, or worked from home. The extra time was used to prepare healthy and sustainable meals, among other things. At the same time, people became more engaged with their immediate surroundings. As a result, people cared more about their own food again and wanted to bring more sustainability into it. The term „Ingredient Household“ then spread rapidly on YouTube, social media as well as on television and is now considered an alternative living concept that more and more people are following.

How is an „Ingredient Household“ implemented in detail?

An „Ingredient Household“ can basically be implemented quite straightforwardly. This is because it focuses primarily on the following areas:

  • Healthy and sustainable food
  • Self-preparation
  • Support for local producers

Healthy and sustainable food

When preparing meals, an „Ingredient Household“ relies primarily on healthy and sustainable foods that are strongly oriented toward vegan or vegetarian cuisine. For example, fresh vegetables and fruits as well as whole grain products and protein-rich dairy products are preferred for cooking. On unhealthy, industrially processed food is renounced however to a large extent. Unhealthy fats and excessive sugar consumption are also avoided.


Another characteristic of an „ingredient household“ is the fact that all meals are prepared in the home kitchen or on the home grill. Instead of eating out or simply ordering food, supporters of the „Ingredient Household“ prefer to prepare healthy and sustainable food themselves. For this, recipes from the Internet are used or self-creations are created. The time spent cooking together also serves as „quality time“ with friends or one’s own family.

Support for local producers

Last but not least, supporters of the „Ingredient Household“ prefer to choose local foods (when possible). This means that foods such as potatoes, beans, apples as well as organic meats are purchased from local farmers. This helps the environment by reducing the need to import food, while also strengthening the local economy. Furthermore, local food tends to taste better due to more sustainable production conditions.

Challenges of an ingredient household

An „Ingredient Household“ is a comparatively complex concept compared to regular living concepts. Time management in particular plays an important role in an ingredient household. Buying local food and freshly preparing sustainable and healthy meals takes significantly more time than if food were simply ordered directly or consumed in the form of ready-made meals. Likewise, the accessibility and availability of local food can be subject to greater fluctuations. Finally, the cost of such a lifestyle is significantly higher.

Advantages of an Ingredient Household

Those who choose the „Ingredient Household“ lifestyle concept can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Healthier eating (as more control over ingredients and reduction of unhealthy ingredients)
  • Fresher and tastier flavors
  • Opportunity for creative expression in the kitchen
  • Conservation of the environment (less packaging waste, less greenhouse gases and less food waste)
  • Support for the local economy
  • Being able to spend more time with friends or your own family

Critiques of „Ingredient Household“

Although the „Ingredient Household“ is a comparatively sustainable and desirable concept, there are many critics. Many criticize the increased time requirements of this lifestyle. In addition the opinion prevails that this represents a luxury concept for particularly well well-off humans, since these food is connected at the same time with clearly higher costs. Likewise many critics mean that the effect of the reduction of greenhouse emissions is cancelled out by the fact that with this concept everyone must drive even to the farmer, in order to buy its food.

Conclusion on ingredient households

So, in summary, an „Ingredient Household“ is an alternative living concept that focuses on healthy and sustainable locally sourced food. At the same time, meals are prepared by oneself and then eaten together with friends or one’s family.

Related to the term „Ingredient Household“ are, among others, the terms „Clean Eating“ and „Whole Food Diet“. Clean eating“ is a form of diet in which preference is given to low-calorie and low-fat foods that are rich in micronutrients, such as lean meat, dairy products and vegetables. In contrast, a „Whole Food Diet“ focuses only on fresh foods that you prepare yourself.

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