What does „I Am Jose Mourinho“ mean? TikTok, Memes, Meaning, Definition, Explanation

„I am Jose Mourinho“ is a trend that has been particularly popular on TikTok. What the meme is all about and why it went viral on social networks is explained in the following article.

What does the meme „I am Jose Mourinho“ mean? TikTok, meaning, definition, explanation.

The meme became really famous when Mourinho attracted many people’s attention with a commercial saying „I am Jose Mourinho“. The statement made it seem like he was illustrating that he could do anything. This, of course, further emphasized his egotistical reputation.

Various users on TikTok subsequently took the opportunity to edit the meme. The clip was combined with various skits. Many of these edited clips show the use of complex tricks on how to achieve the desired result in relationships. For example, how to conquer the coveted girl or scare away the boy you don’t like.

Some also used the sound of the commercial to present themselves as invincible. For example, with a boast about not needing to go to a gym because you’re fit enough without one. The potential for funny quotes here is limitless, whether it’s about drinking, dieting or dating.

Incidentally, the very first edit of the meme received 271,000 likes in 14 days, something other TikTok users naturally wanted to achieve as well with their own self-designed memes. The meme also gained plenty of attention on Twitter. Numerous users started the trend with #IAmJoseMourinho.

History: „I am Jose Mourinho“

The meme originally came from a television commercial that was released on 04/06/2022. This one shows Jose Mourinho, who is seen as a great soccer genius and grabs everyone’s attention with his emotional and crazy attitude. The commercial is about Topps TV, an advertisement for sports trading cards.

In this commercial, Jose Mourinho gets the role of a monster coach who coaches all the teams (24) in the 2024 European Championship.

„I am Jose Mourinho“ is basically all about the sound of the coach. This is used as the basis for all content created on TikTok. This trend has numerous followers on TikTok, and other diverse platforms are now following the viral trend as well.

Who is Jose Mourinho?

Jose Mourinho is a soccer coach from Portugal and currently coaches the Italian club AS Rome. In 2000, he started his career as a coach and since then he has been one of the best managers in Europe. First-class clubs like Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Chelsea owe impressive season results to him.

His opinion of himself is exceedingly high and Mourinho is known for believing himself to be a true soccer god. However, even though he has a high opinion of himself, there is also no denying that he is very humorous and can laugh at himself from time to time.


The potential for memes of the phrase „I am Jose Mourinho“ is simply limitless, as it has the ability to represent numerous opinions on various topics, such as dieting, dating or housekeeping.

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