What is a „Boo Basket“? Meaning, explanation, definition

Every year at the end of October, Halloween is just around the corner and spooks us with all kinds of ghosts, bloody mass murderers and other horror tricks. Many people use this mini-celebration to decorate their own homes. Until now, this was almost exclusively done with carved pumpkins, candles and spooky utensils. With the „Boo Basket“, however, there is now another decoration idea with which the individual home can quickly be transformed into a place of horror – even if only for a few days!

Because „Boo Baskets“ are the scary counterparts to Easter baskets, which are filled with all kinds of sweets, but from the outside just styled horror. Typical colors are orange, black and of course blood red. The following article will explain in detail what the „Boo Baskets“ are all about and why they are currently becoming a trend on TikTok. Furthermore, it will be mentioned who belongs to the target group of the „Boo Basket“ trend and whether there are also critics of this trend,

Definition of the term „Boo Basket“

The term „Boo Basket“ is a neologism that originates from the English language and is composed of the expression „boo“ (boo: „to scare someone and shout loudly „BOOO!“) and the noun „basket“. Thus, „Boo Basket“ means something like „scare basket“.

What is meant here is the creepy counterpart to the otherwise rather lamb-like Christmas or Easter basket, which in this case, however, is decorated for the Halloween celebration. In American there is the transliterated term „trick or treat!“. Accordingly, the „Boo Baskets“ are lovingly filled with sweets and decorated with typical elements from the world of Halloween – for example, with small ghost dolls or printed cups.

„Boo Baskets“ are small works of art that are elaborately styled and can be handed as gifts. The point behind them, however, is not so much to give them away during the bell ringing pranks that are common on Halloween, but rather as gifts to one’s loved ones or as decorations for the entryway.

Where did the „Boo Basket“ trend come from?

On the social media platform TikTok, „Boo Baskets“ became all the rage this year. Here, they are shown in individual posts (and also made themselves) and then given away to loved ones. Such posts sometimes reap views of more than 50 million. Furthermore, the „Boo Baskets“ are also very popular in the dating sector. Thus, since the trend emerged, these have been considered popular dating gifts on Halloween. So instead of just dressing up, the pretty and lovingly decorated „Boo Baskets“ are used. Special emphasis is placed on „DIY“ (or „Do-it-yourself“). The baskets must therefore not simply be bought by the customer, but must be put together and decorated by the customer.

How does the „Boo Basket“ trend work?

The „Boo Basket“ trend is basically quite simple to implement. For this, the following things must first be procured:

  • A basket (plastic, a metal bucket or a brushwood basket).
  • Decorative material of your choice
  • goodies
  • spooky highlights

Then, all the utensils are individually assembled into a spooky basket, which is then either positioned in your own entryway, given as a gift to other family members, or handed over while dating. However, all of this must be done around the time of the Halloween holiday, no later than October 31.

In what context is the „Boo Basket“ trend used?

We now encounter the „Boo Basket“ trend in a wide variety of contexts. However, the „Boo Baskets“ are particularly prominent in the following places:

  • on the social media platform TikTok
  • In everyday life (at home, on dates, etc.).

The subsections below will go into more detail about each of the main uses of „Boo Baskets“.


On the social media platform TikTok, short videos in which the subject is the production of a „Boo Basket“ or its presentation to a loved one are currently particularly popular. The production process is shown in fast-forward – the lovingly decorated „Boo Baskets“ are then put to their intended use. Equally popular and viral are TikTok videos in which the „Boo Baskets“ are presented while dating on a park bench or elsewhere.

Everyday life

In everyday life, „Boo Baskets“ are especially popular around Halloween time. For this, they are made to their own liking and then used at home as a decorative item. Since this type of decoration is not yet widespread in Germany, many people also use the opportunity to earn money with DIY „Boo Baskets“ by making them themselves and then selling them on the Internet.

Who is a follower of the „Boo Basket“ trend?

Among the biggest followers of the „Boo Basket“ trend are undoubtedly TikTok’s main target group, who are between 15 and 25 years old and can therefore almost exclusively be classified as belonging to the Z and Alpha generations. However, since this is a relatively creative trend, it also finds favor with older people. These are mainly creative 20- to 40-year-olds who live in their own apartment or house and would like to decorate it. Of course, the said target group is also particularly active in dating and therefore uses the trendy „Boo Baskets“ especially as an unusual gift for dates.

Critics of the „Boo Basket“ trend

Critics accuse the „Boo Basket“ trend of further Americanizing German culture, or rather holidays. In essence, the critics argue that Halloween has never been part of German culture and that it has increasingly spilled over into Germany in recent years, presumably for commercial reasons. On the other hand, traditional holidays such as All Saints‘ Day or Corpus Christi are increasingly being forgotten because they are not being „hyped“.

Conclusion on the „Boo Basket“ and similar TikTok trends

A „Boo Basket“ is a customized basket that is used in the course of the Halloween celebration on October 31. It is usually filled with candy and scary decorative items and positioned in the entrance area. Alternatively, this serves as a gift for his loved ones or as a fancy souvenir for his data partner. „Boo Baskets“ became known primarily in the course of a TikTok trend.

Related to the „Boo Baskets“ are, among others, the „Burnt Toast Theory“ and the „Grimace Shake“. The „Burnt Toast Theory“ turns a supposedly burnt piece of toast into a small work of art, and the „Grimace Shake“ is a creepy special edition of a milkshake at the McDonalds fast food restaurant.

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