What does Nobody’s Gonna Know mean? TikTok, meaning, definition, explanation

The „Nobody’s Gonna Know“ TikTok trend is a widely used audio clip that contains a conversation and background music.

What does „Nobody’s Gonna Know“ mean? TikTok, meaning, definition, explanation

The keyword „nobodys gonna know tiktok“ has over 1.7 billion clicks on TikTok.

Countless videos can be found on the platform under the hashtag #GonnaKnow. In these, users perform devious actions and pranks, known as „pranks,“ in hopes of remaining undetected.
The TikTok trend has reached a high level of awareness and is very popular among users. The audio clip is used in particular to achieve a high number of clicks on the videos and thus increase their own level of awareness.

Examples of the video trend

The videos produced with the „Nobody’s Gonna Know“ audio clip are characterized by different creative ideas:

  • One man attaches a wooden stick to a bill and tries to insert it several times into a vending machine to get free snacks.
  • Another man sprays dry grass with green paint to make it look fresh again.
  • One person paints an inexpensive model of sneakers so accurately that it looks like a very expensive pair.
    A woman orders two drinks at a fast food restaurant to disguise the fact that she will eat the entire amount of food ordered by herself.
  • Four-legged friends are also participating in the trend. A video shows a cat hiding in a serving bowl.
    A woman walks into a store with a stroller. A towel is placed over the stroller. When she lifts it, a goose is revealed.
  • A person is sitting at a desk at work. She opens the desk drawer. In the drawer is a small sleeping dog in a basket.

The uses for the clip are many and users are always coming up with new ideas to produce videos.
Some videos are also present on the platform YouTube and Instagram.

The content and meaning of „Nobody’s Gonna Know“

The wording in the videos is as follows:

„Nobody’s Gonna Know“ (2x).
„They’re Gonna Know“
„How Would They Know?“ (3x)
„I just…I can…“
„Oh My God“

The music in the background of the video comes from the American reality TV series „Bad Girls Club“ and is characterized by a tension-generating rhythm and tone. The artist behind the music is Dave James and the song title is „Primal Fear.“

In the reality TV series, the music was mostly played during scenes where there were awkward situations or conflicts between the women.

The conversation illustrates a conflict of conscience. One person plans to carry out a devious act and assumes that it will go undetected. The follow-up voice contradicts this assumption and conjectures that the action will be uncovered. The person performing the action asks in return how they are supposed to know. The following word sounds are stammered, so that it can be assumed that the action was carried out.

In conclusion, the skeptical person merely responds with the incredulously astonished statement, „Oh my God.“

The story of „Nobody’s Gonna Know“

he conversation, which at first seems strange, does not originate from an American reality TV show, as many people publicly assume. It originated in a TikTok video posted in 2020 by user @cgleason22.

Chris Gleason, who hails from New York, has been posting numerous videos with a humorous background on his TikTok profile since 2019 and now has over 135,000 followers.

The video, which now has over one million likes on the platform, was posted by the creator to joke about a conflict of conscience.

He states that he considered creating a fake account to post comments under his own videos. Whether this is true or he was merely joking remains unclear.
The original video shows the creator having a conversation with himself in the spirit of „angels and devils.“ Thus, it is not a conversation between two people, which could be assumed at first. The discussion arises because of the creator’s inner voices, which have different views regarding the topic.

Chris Gleason has started a trend with his video, which seems to occupy some people in this form and could thus achieve a great success.

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