One in a Krillion: Meaning, Definition, Explanation

The sentence „I’m one in a Krillion“ comes from the film „Happy Feet 2“ (2011). It is said by Will, the Krill.

Note: This article is not about the Dragen Ball character Krillin.

One in a Krillion: Meaning, definition, explanation.

The gist of the statement is, there are billions of us and we all kind of look alike, but still each one is unique and individual.

In the film „Happy Feet 2“, Will first has to accept the fact that he is at the bottom of the food chain and that krill is actually a swarm animal that only exists as part of a swarm. But Will wants more! He doesn’t resign and embarks on a journey to become an „apex predator“. He takes his friend Bill with him on this journey.

The phrase „I’m one in a Krillion“ became a meme and more popular from early 2023.

One in a Krillion: Will and Bill Dialogue

In dialogue with Bill, Will reveals his thoughts:

Bill: „Hey Will, is that you?“

Will: „Of course it’s me. Can’t you tell?“

Bill: „No, not if we all look the same!“

Will: „I don’t.“

Bill: „We are Krill. We are meant to look the same.“

Will: „Not me Bill. There’s only one of me in all the world. I am one in a krillion.“

(Will swims away)

Bill: „Where are you going?“

Will: „I’m leaving. I want to be free, Bill!“

Bill: „There is no such thing as free, Will! Come on less thinking, more swarming.“

Will: „I’m sick of swarming. We’ve been swarming all of our lives.“

Bill: „Sometimes Will it’s like you’ve got a mind of your own.“

Will: „Tell me Bill. What lies beyond the swarm?“

Bill: „More swarm.“

Will: „And then?“

Bill: „More swarm.“

Will: „And then?“

Bill: „Some more swarm.“

Will: „And then?“

Bill: „Will there’s nothing but swarm. We are swarm without end.“

Will: „Everything got an end. See I end here. That is not a happy ending. It stands to reason Bill. If I swim against the swarm. I must eventually reach the end of the world.“


Bill: „Well, what are we even looking for?“

Will: „Thats the beauty of it, my friend. I don’t know.“

Bill: „Will please come back. I fear the worst.“

Will: „I fear the worst, too, Bill. Because fearing the best is a complete waste of time.“

Will: „Oh yeah, There.“

Bill: „Maybe that’s a black hole.“

Will: „They’re just myths. Scary talk. Keep us in the swarm.“

Bill: „Coming out of nowhere, swallowing everything in its path.“

Will: „For something that doesn’t exist it’s very impressive.“

(Meanwhile, Will and Bill are separated from the crush).

Will: „So this is all we are. Lunch. To think we spend our whole lives, not knowing the truth.“

One in a Krillion: Interpretation

The statement „One in a Krillion“ not only has at its core that everyone is unique, but it touches on one of the most important questions a person can ask themselves: Who am I?

This leads to further questions: What am I doing here? Where do I want to go? Where do I come from? Why? What is the point of all this?

The image that is created with krill is the following: In a herd (swarm or society) you are safe, you also feel safe, but for this safety you have to give up your own individuality. Only those who have the courage to question what is, have the chance to find out what lies outside the safe herd.

Because whoever wants to find out who he or she really is must have the courage to do so and go into the unknown. You have to leave your comfort zone for that.

„We are all born as originals, but many die as copies“, often heard from Dieter Lange. Everyone is born with talents, abilities and a certain uniqueness. If you are not careful, you lose this in the course of your life. Every time you adapt and don’t listen to your heart, you lose yourself a little.

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