Why should you eat meat? Advantages meat consumption

People have consumed meat since time immemorial. The consumption of meat has contributed to the development of man. Meat contains important nutrients such as protein, creatine, carbohydrates and much more. In this regard, the following is essential information on the subject, which shows the importance of meat consumption. Along with this, consequences reasons that speak in favor of meat consumption.

Historical development of meat consumption

The first humans were omnivores. Consequently, ancestors consumed both meat and plants thousands of years ago. Researchers believe that the human brain was able to evolve, as a result of increased meat consumption. Especially the development of different tools and the discovery of fire have provided new milestones in human history. In this way it was possible to grind and prepare meat.

The increased consumption of meat in the history of mankind meant that a much higher energy supply was possible. The comminuted meat could be consumed quickly and easily. With this, it was no longer necessary to have strong chewing muscles. Over time, the chewing muscles receded. In the same course, the jaw became smaller and the human being became more „human“ in appearance, according to today’s understanding. Above all, intelligence benefited from the changes. The brain could grow, so that it promoted the development of the language and much more.

Thus, the consumption of meat is part of human history. It has made a crucial contribution to the evolutionary development of mankind. People gradually learned to get rid of their dependence on hunting. In later times, agriculture was added, thanks to the rapid development brought about by the discovery of fire and tools. In general, it is believed that people would not have developed so much if their ancestors had given up meat consumption.

Biological value of meat and proteins

One reason to consume meat products is the biological value. In this context, proteins play a fundamental role. This is because a considerable part of the human organism consists of protein compounds (approx. 20%). Therefore, it is of elementary importance to supply the body with proteins. With meat it is possible to cover the protein requirement without any problems. In this respect, meat products have a high biological value.

The biological value reflects how well the human organism can absorb protein. Thus, it is the quality of the proteins. A low biological value makes it difficult to metabolize proteins. Therefore, it is significant to pay attention to the biological value. There are various values that provide information about the biological value. The values of an egg are often used as a reference. It has a biological value of 100. This value can be exceeded if the food is composed accordingly. Contrary to this, the values can be undercut, depending on the product.

Plant foods generally have a lower biological value. Peanuts and peas achieve values of 43 and 56 respectively. Contrarily, meat achieves better values. The advantage is that proteins from meat products resemble human proteins. Consequently, the proteins can be metabolized better. Beef and poultry meat achieve a biological value of 92 and 80, so it is much easier to meet protein requirements when consuming meat.

Advantages in sports – muscle growth and regeneration

Groups of people who are exposed to special stress are particularly dependent on protein intake. People who regularly engage in sports must plan their diet accordingly. Otherwise, health risks will arise. In addition, stagnation can occur during training, especially with regard to muscle building. An adult competitive athlete needs about 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. People weighing 80 kilograms thus need 64 grams of protein. The daily requirement can be met perfectly with meat.

Meat helps athletes to make progress. Because it does not depend exclusively on the training intensity. The regeneration phase is also of crucial importance. Anabolic processes take place primarily during sleep. The body regenerates from the daily exertions. In the same course, the muscles grow. However, this requires that the body is supplied with sufficient protein. Otherwise, there is a risk of catabolic processes occurring. The body breaks down muscles by taking the missing energy from the muscles. The consumption of meat makes an important contribution to providing optimal conditions when it comes to anabolic processes.

Conclusion: Why should you eat meat? Advantages of meat consumption

There is ultimately a wide variety of benefits associated with meat consumption. Therefore, it pays to consume meat products on a regular basis. However, it is important to maintain the right moderation. Excessive consumption can have the opposite effect. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the meat. This is the only way to ensure that it has health benefits. Mindful and conscious consumption will have a positive effect on health and quality of life.

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