Who is the Sorceress Sellen from Elden Ring? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Due to the fact that Elden Ring is the first Souls game with a completely open game world, a huge amount of interesting NPC’s and side quests have made it into the game. Off the actual „main path“, the player is thus offered a lot of exciting and interesting game content to discover on his way through the game.

One of the particularly important side characters in Elden Ring is undoubtedly the „Sorceress Sellen“. She is of greater importance because she is one of the characters that give the player a particularly rewarding series of quests. For what other reasons the Sorceress Sellen plays an important role, and what the associated quest line looks like in detail, can be found out in this article.

Finding the Sorceress Sellen (Elden Ring)

The player first meets Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins, which are located in an underground area of Limgrave. The only thing she has to offer the player at this point is just a few spells available for purchase. The actual search for the Sorceress, however, begins once the player has advanced to both the Altus Plateau and Mount Gelmir. The primeval wizard Azur can be found near this mountain, southwest of the Volcano Manor area. It is best to approach this area from the southwest, walking first along the Altus Plateau and then working his way northwest. And this until he meets the „primeval wizard Azur“. After the player has finished talking to him, the wizard gives him the „Comet Azur Spell“.

The next step is to visit the Sorceress Sellen again at her last location. After the ensuing dialogue with her is completed, she will ask the player to travel with her. Once you accept this offer, she will ask you to find „Master Lusat“ so that he can give the player the „Sellian Sealbreaker“. Now head to the northeast of Caelid. Above Sellia, the city of wizards, you can find a small graveyard that is currently being visited by a wizard. Behind it lies an invisible cave whose entrance is blocked by an illusion. In this cave is „Lusat“, the next important NPC for this quest series.

First, the player has to walk through the cave until he comes to a place where the further path leads over gigantic crystals. Although the path gives the impression that the right way would be on the left, it is better to stay on the right – and until a small path with a barrier of magic can be seen. With the use of the Sellian Seal Breaker, this magical barrier can be overcome, clearing the way. On this path you can finally meet Lusat, who gives the player the spell „Stars of Destruction“. Now, for the next part of the quest series, the Sorceress Sellen can be visited again.

The new body of the Sorceress Sellen (Lore)

At her previous location, the Sorceress will then tell the player that Lusat and Azure should be given a proper burial. From this point on, the quest line will only continue once the player has defeated „Star Scourge Radahn“ in Caelid. Afterwards, the Sorceress will say at the waypoint ruins that her real body must be found. This can be found on the Peninsula of Lamentations, in the ruins of the Witch’s Coven. In this place, Sellen was apparently tied to a wall, where the player must remove the „original glitter stone“ from her body. The next thing to do is to find a new lifeless body for Sellen. And this one is located in the northwest of Liurnia, in the area of the three sisters.

The location of Sellen’s new corpse is marked by a red circle. This place is near Ranni’s Ascent. Once there, several ruins can be found directly, just outside of Ranni’s Ascent. There, however, an underground staircase is blocked by a magical barrier, which in turn can be crossed with the Sellian Sealbreaker. At first, the player only finds a room full of lifeless bodies, which has to be crossed first, until the player comes to another magic wall, which has to be broken open magically in the usual way. Behind this wall is the new body of Sorceress Sellen. Now all that remains is to insert the original glitter stone into it, which will finally bring Sorceress Sellen back to life.

The Witch Hunter

The next quest-relevant person is the „Witch Hunter Jerren“. The player first meets him in Red Mane Castle, where Jerren is overseeing the festival that is currently taking place. After completing all of the aforementioned quest points with Sorceress Sellen, the player can return to the castle, where he finds Jerren sitting on a chair in the north of the castle. In the next dialogue, he states that he has now fulfilled his duty, and consequently can leave Red Mane Castle. Next, Jerren can be found in the witchcraft ruins, where he is carefully examining the corpse of Sellen. The witch hunter then tells the player that Sorceress Sellen poses a great danger and is probably on her way to the Raya Lucaria Academy.

However, it could also be that Jerren is not in the witchcraft ruins. This is the case if the player has spoken to Jerren upon returning to Red Mane Castle before the quest line with the Sorceress Sellen has even progressed. If Jerren is not to be found in the Witch’s Spell Ruins, then he has probably moved on to the Academy. From there, head to the Place of Mercy of the Great Library of Raya Lucaria, where the battle against „Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon“ will take place. Outside the library, in front of the door, there are two summoning signs. One is golden, and the other is reddish in color. If you choose the golden sign, you will defend Sorceress Sellen from the Witch Hunter. However, if the decision falls on the red sign, you help Jerren kill Sellen.

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