Elden Ring: How to get to the Consecrated Snowfield?

The Consecrated Snowfield is one of the larger optionally playable areas in the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring. It is an add-on for the player, so to speak. On the map of the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring, the Consecrated Snowfield is called the Consecrated Snowfield. Once the player reaches the Consecrated Snowfield, two more optional areas with several optional boss fights will be unlocked in the game.
The fights against the bosses in the Consecrated Snowfield are the hardest in the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring. Most players fail against Malenia, Miquella’s black blade. Malenia is a boss with an amazing repertoire of magic and combat skills.

Players should therefore test their character’s skills before unlocking Consecrated Snowfield. One way to test it is to play through the quest „The Royal Capital Leyndell“ on the Altus Plateau. The faster the player can defeat the bosses in Leyndell, the higher their chance of winning the boss fights in the Consecrated Snowfield.

Unlock the Consecrated Snowfield: Elden Ring

Until the Consecrated Snowfield is unlocked, this area will be shown as a grayed-out northern area on the map of the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring.

To unlock the Consecrated Snowfield, the player will need the Halig Tree Secret Medallion. If the player uses this item as an elevator key in Rold’s elevator, which initially only leads to the Forbidden Land, the player can then also select access to the Consecrated Snowfield as a new destination. All he has to do is select the „Change Action“ option.

As the game progresses, the player learns that the Secret Haligree Medallion has been broken in half. To reassemble this item, the player must complete the „Village of Albinaurics“ quest in Liurnia for the right half of the medallion and the „Sol Castle“ quest for the left half of the medallion.

Quest „Village of the Albinaurics“: Elden Ring

The village of the Albinaurics is located in Liurnia southwest of a lake below a mountain. From the riverbed in the south, first the lake and then from the lakeside in the direction of the mountain, the village can be reached quickly. As enemies there are several giant crabs to defeat on the way to the village.

In the village of the Albinaurics it is very dark. For his further way the player should create a light source. Several enemies attack from the dark corners of the village. The place of mercy (save point) is next to the well of the village. From there, a staircase goes up the mountain. East on the stairs, a path branches off, leading to a dead end. At the end of this dead end is a hut with several pots in front of it.
Once at the hut, the player must bang on the pots. However, these must not break. One of the pots produces a sound. This pot then introduces itself as Albus. Albus is an NPC. He tells the player a sad story. For listening, Albus gives the player the right half of the Halig Tree medallion.

Quest „Sol Castle“

The quest „Sol Castle“ is optionally playable. The Sol Castle is a dungeon. This dungeon is a bit off the main quest. After completing the quest „Mountain Peaks of Giants“, the player just has to ride or walk north from the frozen lake. At the end of the frozen lake is Sol Castle. In front of Sol Castle is a walking mausoleum.

In Sol Castle, the final battle awaits the player against Commander Niall. He summons two knights to fight against the player. After both knights are defeated, Commander Niall attacks the player. After defeating Commander Niall, the passage to a tower is free.

At the top of the tower, the player encounters a ghost. The player can talk to the ghost. After that, he receives the left half of the Haligbaum medallion. Optionally, the player can also kill the ghost and loot the left half of the medallion.

The way to the Consecrated Snowfield (Elden Ring)

To get into the Consecrated Snowfield, the player must return to Rold’s elevator and enter the lower platform. Once the player lifts the Secret Haligbaum Medallion, the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring unlocks the „Lift Secret Medallion“ option. Unlocking this option will allow the player to target the Consecrated Snowfield in Rold’s Elevator at any time.
The Rold elevator does not immediately transport the player to the Consecrated Snowfield. The ride ends in catacombs. Several battles await the player in the catacombs. After that he gets outside into the Consecrated Snowfield.

Once outside the Consecrated Snowfield, the field of vision is very poor. There is a snowstorm. To escape the storm, the player must move strictly north. If the player deviates from this course, the character’s kill will follow regularly.
After the blizzard is overcome, the player reaches the city of Ordina. It is the city of liturgies. Outside the gates of the city there is a place of grace. The player should make sure to activate this place of mercy. Otherwise, upon his kill, the player’s character will be teleported back to Rold’s elevator.

The quests in the Consecrated Snowfield

The quests awaiting the player in the Consecrated Snowfield are the „Riddle of Ordina“ and „Miquella’s Haligree“.

The quest „Riddle of Ordina“ serves to unlock the way to Miquella’s Haligree. The player has to find keys with which he can illuminate four statues in Ordina. Only after illuminating the four statues is a path unlocked that leads to Miquella’s Haligree.

The quest „Miquella’s Haligree“ is the fight against the boss Malenia, Miquella’s Black Blade, and the boss Loretta, Knight of the Haligree. In the process, the path through the Haligbaum leads over tree trunks and branches. After defeating Malenia and Loretta, the player will receive runes as well as rare and valuable items.

Conclusion: Elden Ring: How do you get to the Consecrated Snowfield?

The snow area is called the Consecrated Snowfield in the open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring. It is an optional playthrough area within the game that leads to two other optional areas with optional boss fights. Playing through the Consecrated Snowfield is rewarded by the game with rare and valuable items.

To unlock the Consecrated Snow Field, the Halig Tree Medallion must be assembled. To do this, you need to complete two quests. The access to the Consecrated Snowfield is the lower platform of Rold’s elevator. There, the Haligbaum medallion must be used. The open-world action role-playing game Elden Ring then unlocks access to the Consecrated Snowfield as the „Lift Secret Medallion“ option.

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