Who is Ranni the Witch (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Ranni the Witch is an NPC from Elden Ring and serves as a quest giver in FromSoftware’s open world role-playing game. However, she also gives players an important item relatively early on, if you find her at the right time.

Who is Ranni the Witch (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Ranni is a young woman who is a member of the royal Caria family. As Princess Ranni of Lucaria, she was chosen by the Greater Will to succeed Queen Marika and rule over the interlands. Ranni, however, did not want to have her destiny dictated to her, so she sought a way to free herself from the influence of the Greater Will. She stole the rune of death and killed her own body with it. In return, she transferred her soul into a doll. In this way, she could still exist in the interlands, but her magical abilities were significantly limited.

The Greater Will, through its deputies, the Two Fingers, placed a curse on Ranni. She became the target of assassins seeking to end her life. Ranni can only free herself from the constant attacks if she finds a way to kill the Greater Will or the Two Fingers.

A first, important contact

When players set out to begin their adventure in the Elden Ring interlands, they may encounter Ranni fairly early on. But it’s equally possible for players to overlook the NPC and come across him later.

Ranni first appears after players find and rest at three different Places of Grace. First, another NPC named Melina shows up. The young woman offers herself as a maiden substitute and allows players to pay character levels for her runes. Melina also gives players a spectral steed whistle, which they can use to summon a horse named Stormwind as a mount. Only after they have the whistle can players find Ranni.

If you enter the Church of Elleh in Limgrave at night, a bluish figure sits on a wall directly behind the entrance. It has a bluish glow and can be easily overlooked. If the players approach the figure, she introduces herself as Renna. She recognizes that the players are taints capable of summoning Stormwind. Therefore, Renna gives the players a bell that they can use to summon different ashes of spectral creatures in certain areas in the future. Players will also receive Renna’s Spectral Wolves, which can be a great help as a summon, especially in the early stages of the game, against some tricky enemies and bosses.

If players fail to find Renna and progress the game without the help of spectral creatures, the NPC will no longer be found in the Church of Elleh after the boss fight against Rennala. Players will then only have the option to buy the Summoning Bell from the Twin Shells in the Round Table Fortress.

How does Ranni’s quest line work?

After fighting their way through Raya Lucaria, players can follow the main path north. They will arrive at the Caria family estate, which is in ruins and populated by a bevy of monstrous hands. If the players can fight their way through the area, they will then arrive at an area called The Three Sisters. This is a level that is littered with giant crystals. More importantly, however, are three towers that players can climb. One of the towers is called Ranni’s Ascent.

When players arrive at the top floor of the tower, a small, bluish female figure with a large magic hat sits across from them. Those who have met Renna before will recognize her directly because Renna and Ranni are the same person.

If you talk to the Witch, you can put yourself in her service and will be tasked by her to find the eternal city of Nokron. To do this, players should first talk to Ranni’s henchmen Blaidd, Iji and Seluvis. All three characters can be found as spectral forms on the lower floor of the tower and must be talked to before the players can leave the tower again.

Afterwards, the players can find Blaidd in the underground area of the Siofra River. He tells them that he has found Nokron, but is still looking for the way there. Then, when the players travel to Seluvis, who has a tower in The Three Sisters, he tells them about a sorceress named Sellen who might know how to get to Nokron. The players are also given a letter to give to Sellen.

Sellen is found by the players in Limgrave in the Waypoints Ruin. The sorceress explains that the way to Nokron was lost when General Radahn challenged the stars to battle and froze them in their movements. Returning to Blaidd with this information, he tells the players that Radahn is currently at a festival at Castle Redmane.

Only after players have explored Castle Redmane and defeated Radahn does a meteor crash south of the Misty Woods open the way to Nokron. If the players investigate the Eternal City, they will find the Fingerslayer Blade. Players can bring this weapon back to Ranni to complete their quest line. Players will receive an upside-down Caria statue as a reward.

Elden Ring: Ranni’s Secret Ending

Even after her quest series, Ranni can still become important. Namely, there is a hidden ending with the Witch. If the players use obtained statue to find Ranni’s body in a hidden area of Caria’s study, the stained can talk to the Witch once again. A path will then open up in the Renna’s Ascent tower near Ranni’s tower. The players will find a teleporter on the upper floor that will teleport them to the River Ainsel, where the players will find a small doll. The players are then attacked by a red phantom. When the players return to Ranni afterwards, she gives them a key that can be used to open a crate near Rennala in Raya Lucaria. The players will find a dark moon ring. When the players travel back to the Ansil River and visit the Great Monastery, they find a coffin. The coffin opens the way to the Cathedral of Manus Celes. In a small cave of the cathedral, players will find Ranni, to whom they can give the Dark Moon Ring to unlock her secret ending.

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