Who is Fia (Elden Ring)? NPC, Quest, Story, History, Lore

Fia is an NPC in Elden Ring. Fia is a death attendant who can be found in a small bedroom in the Round Table. She grants the player Baldachin’s Blessing if you let her hold you. Fia can be found in the Round Table Fortress and again later after Fia’s champions have been defeated in the depths of the Root Spires.

Who is Fia (Elden Ring)? History, Background, Lore

Fia is a black-clad woman who lives in the Round Table. She lives in a bedroom not far from Master Hewg and sits next to a lush fire. She is a reserved and infinitely friendly woman. She seems to regard the Round Table and the Golden Order as her followers, as they persecute those who live in death. In particular, D, who apparently stole Godwyn’s Hallowbrand and whom she personally kills to retrieve it. Her signature spell even mentions that it was created specifically to kill the mopes of the Round Table. Even a stricken player who wants to side with her must win her boss fight, as Fia is inherently hostile towards them after showing her true colors.

What does Fia do for the player? Elden Ring

Her embrace gives the player a special consumable that can improve stance, the Blessing of the Canopy. This reduces health by 1 as long as it is in the inventory. After consuming it and the effect ends, the player gets back the 1 lost power. It grants the player canopy’s blessing indefinitely, as long as you don’t already have one in your inventory. You can supposedly come back for more when this consumable runs out.

What quest is Fia relevant to? (Elden Ring)

You first meet Fia in the Round Table, which is essentially the Hunter’s Dream of the Elden Ring. From the main room with the Table of Lost Grace, you go through the door to the right of the guard and then through the door opposite. Fia is sitting on a bed near a large open fire. When you first approach Fia and talk to her, she will ask the player to hold her. If you agree to let Fia hold you, you will receive the item Canopy’s Blessing, a consumable item that temporarily increases charisma. In return, Fia gives the player a slight HP debuff until the item has been used. One can return to her at any time to receive more canopy blessings. If one declines her offer, one will not get the item nor can one start her quest.

Once you meet and hug Fia, you have to find D near the village Summoning Water and defeat the Tibia Marine boss. It’s worth noting that this boss drops the Elden Ring Death Root item, which has nothing to do with this quest, but is valuable nonetheless. You should now be able to find D near the main table of the hold. Now you have to go back to the round table. You now have to continue talking to Fia until she gives the player the weathered dagger and asks that it be returned to the original owner. Now you have to go back to D in the main room and give him the dagger. When you return to the Round Table, you can see that D has been murdered by Fia in the room at the end of the corridor by the blacksmith. Fia will then disappear after making a speech. One must now loot the twin armor and bell camp from D’s corpse.

The player must now make their way to the Divine Tower in Liurnia. To do this, one must use an item obtained during the Eldenring Ranni quest to turn over the Carian Study Hall. Once you gain access to the Divine Tower, the Curse Mark of Death can be looted from the corpse at the top of the tower.

If you go to the optional Eldenring-Siofra River Well area and find D’s brother, you will be given a choice. If one chooses to hand over the twin armor, D’s brother will kill Fia. The player will then eventually get the armor back as well, along with a new Elden Ring weapon.

Next, you’ll need to find your way to the Deep Root Depths in one of two ways. First, you can go through the illusory wall at the very bottom of the Underground Creeping Grounds after defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood. Hit the altar in his room to get past it, then jump down between the sarcophagi sticking out of the wall until you’re in the room with the door. On the right side is the illusion wall. Afterwards you can also reach the cistern in the north via Nokron. There you have to climb into the coffin by the waterfall. Once there, you have to go to the place of mercy in the depths and use the forks to reach the next, higher place. Here, the player must now defeat Fia’s champions. There are three in total, but the third one has two companions to help him. Once they are defeated, Fia will appear. Now you can talk to her and ask her to hold you. You now have to keep talking to her and give her the death curse sign. You should now be able to interact with her to enter the „Dream of the Deathbed“. If this option is not available, one must once again leave the area and return via the Root of Grace.

Once entering the Dream of the Prince of Death, the player will have to face the dragon boss Lichdragon Fortissax. Once this is defeated, the player awakens from the dream. Fia seems to be asleep, but you can loot her for the Death Prince’s healing rune. This is the key item needed to get Fia’s ending, and is used after defeating the final boss.

Once you have obtained the Death Prince’s Healing Rune from Fia, you can leave the area. However, if one has chosen to give the twin armor to D’s brother beforehand, he will appear the next time one returns, standing over Fia’s corpse after killing her. One then only has to rest at the place of mercy and he will disappear. Thus, you will then get the Twin Armor and the Indivisible Greatsword that he left behind.

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