Who is Margit, The Fell Omen (Elden Ring)? Boss, story, fighting style, strategy

Margit, The Fell Omen, is the first non-optional boss in FromSoftware’s open-world role-playing game Elden Ring, which players have to defeat on their way to the first Legacy Dungeon. As is typical for games from FromSoftware, the boss is very difficult and represents the first real test for the players.

Where do players meet Margit? (Elden Ring)

When players enter the world of Elden Ring, they can basically go off in any direction to experience their adventure. However, because many areas are peppered with significantly stronger challenges, the game offers a so-called guidance of grace. In this case, lights go out from resting places, also called lost graces, and point in a certain direction.

The first Guidance of Grace directs players in the direction of Storm Veil Castle. However, when the players enter the bridge that leads to the main gate of the castle, a dark voice sounds from the battlements of the castle, speaking full of contempt to the supposed heroes. Shortly thereafter, Margit the Fell Omen gets in the way of the players to prevent them from advancing to the master of Storm Veil Castle, Godrick the Overgrown.

What kind of story does Margit the Fell Omen have?

When encountering Margit, the Fell Omen, the tall, horned figure with a hideous tail, offers no explanation as to his origins. However, when players continue their exploration of Elden Ring after defeating the Fell Omen, they encounter another powerful boss east of Storm Veil Castle.

Morgott, the King of the Mal, is the true identity of Margit, the Fell Omen. Morgott, like Godrick, is a child of Queen Marika and the Elden Lord Godfrey. He is thus also a demigod and the bearer of a shard of the Elden Ring. Unlike Godrick, Morgott, like his twin brother Mogh, was born with horns and a monstrous tail. In the world of Elden Ring, this is considered a bad omen and predicts impending doom. Morgott and Mogh were therefore disowned by their parents and their siblings also turned their backs on them.

Morgott developed a strong hatred for his siblings and plotted their destruction. At the same time, he could not allow a simpler stained, as the characters of the heroes in Elden Ring are called, to go in search of the ring shards. For this reason, he posed as Margit, the Fell Omen, to act as a guardian to prevent stained ones from continuing their journey.

What powers does Margit the Fell Omen have?

In order not to reveal his identity as one of the demigods, Margit / Morgott does not use the powers of his ring shard in battle. But even without the shard, he is an opponent that players should not take lightly. Margit attacks first with a massive stick or lashes out with his tail, which occasionally peeks out from under his rag cloak. In addition, the fell omen can summon a spectral weapon in the form of daggers that he can hurl or stab with.

His movements seem slow and delayed at first. Nevertheless, his blows are incredibly powerful and the combinations of attack occur in quick succession that you wouldn’t look at Margit, the Fell Omen.

If the players manage to enter the second phase of the fight, Margit expands his tactics. He summons a massive hammer or sword in addition to daggers, and then attacks with two weapons at once. His movements become much faster and even more deadly.

Why does Margit help Godrick?

It is not explicitly mentioned, but the assumption is that Godrick, because of his own grotesque form, is also shunned by his siblings. Because he has always felt inferior to his siblings, despite his status as a demigod, Godrick began to transplant limbs to himself, which he cut off the stained who fell in battle against Godrick. His delusion resulted in dozens of smaller and larger arms protruding from his body, some of which Godrick could move.

His delusion and appearance drove Godrick into the isolation of Castle Storm Veil. Without the support of his siblings, he presented an easy target for would-be heroes, who could also become more powerful by obtaining his shard.

Morgott had to fear that if the stained ones gained such power, they would also want to gather more shards to become Elden Lords themselves. Sooner or later, they would then also hunt down Morgott, who himself carries a Ring Shard. That is why Morgott probably felt it wise to attack the Stained Ones in the form of Margit before they could even gain enough power to become dangerous to the other demigods in any way. There are also small hints that Morgott feels a connection to Godrick because Godrick’s experiments have given him an appearance as hideous as Morgott has endured since birth. For this reason, Morgott also refers to his brother as „Golden“ rather than „Grafted,“ for example.

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