Who is Starscourge Radahn (Elden Ring)? Boss, history, fighting style, strategy

Starscourge Radahn is a demigod boss in Elden Ring that can be found in the Howling Dunes. Defeating this boss is mandatory to reach at least one ending of the game and to complete certain NPC quest lines. However, he does not necessarily need to be defeated to complete the game. Starscourge Radahn is a massive and destructive creature in Caelid. Eaten from within by Malenia’s scarlet rot, he has long since lost his mind. Now he collects the corpses of former friends and enemies and eats them like a dog. Starscourge Radahn is cursed to always wander.

Appearance: Starscourge / General Radahn

Starscourge Radahn is a gigantic humanoid whose muscular body is many times larger than that of a normal human. Both of his legs have become stumps and he no longer possesses feet. Radahn holds two thick, curved longswords of black steel or stone inlaid with gold. He also carries a huge bow. Starscourge Radahn wears ornate golden armor and a golden helmet on his head with thick horns protruding from the sides. The armor is decorated with fur in the shoulder and arm area.

History: Starscourge / General Radahn

Starscourge Radahn, he is but a pale reflection of the brilliant demigod-general who once commanded the warring forces after the titular phenomenon was shattered. Radahn was previously struck down in battle by his half-sister, Malenia the Severed, and infected with Scarlet Rot, a disease that transforms its victims into mindless ghouls with a single, all-encompassing desire: to consume everything they see. Therefore, Radahn now wanders across corpse-strewn battlefields on the back of a much-too-small horse (whose name is apparently Leonard), waiting for the day when someone strong enough can end his misery.

Radahn’s official title in Elden Ring is „Star Scourge,“ and for good reason. At some point in his past, a sorceress named Sellen tells us, the mighty warrior challenged „the swirling constellations“ themselves. It’s still unclear to me exactly how Radahn fought the stars, but his victory over these celestial bodies was so great that they froze in the sky. „He is the force that repels the stars,“ Sellen adds. „If General Radahn died, the stars would resume their motion. Simply put, the guy is strong as hell.

Features: Starscourge / General Radahn

Apart from his gigantic size, Radahn’s brute strength also comes from the fact that he has mastered gravity itself, a school of magic that the player himself can also use with the right stats and knowledge. These abilities not only make Radahn a fearsome warrior, but also allow him to ride his horse made of skin and bones without crushing the poor animal under its incredible weight. In fact, Leonard was the main reason Starscourge Radahn developed his gravitational powers in the first place. He had gravitational powers that he learned in his youth in Selia. All so he wouldn’t have to leave his beloved but meager steed.

Radahn, still clad in his armor, capable with his weapons, and still on his undersized steed, now roamed the sandy, desolate dunes of Caelid’s southeastern shores. Without their commander, Starscourge Radahn’s Lordsworn army occupies smaller and smaller areas throughout the region, and containment of the Scarlet Rot is now a grim uncertainty. Still in possession of his Great Rune, a shard of the Elden Ring, a feast has been organized at Redmane Castle; a gathering of all who might finally put the general out of his misery and perhaps claim the rune for themselves.

Starscourge Radahn: General tips for the fight

Torrent is available for this fight (unless other players are summoned for the co-op fight). The summon characters are NPC summons for the festival mechanic. They can be summoned with one keystroke and any number can be summoned at once. After death, the signs will reappear to summon them again, though not necessarily in the same place as when they were first summoned. With the summons, it is possible (albeit slow) to end the battle without attacking Radahn directly. Starscourge Radahn shoots magic arrows immediately after entering the arena. These can be deflected with a shield, but do heavy magic damage. They kill most players with one hit.

The arrows hit so accurately that it is not possible to dodge them without using i-frames, such as rolling or climbing up and down Torrent. As always, it’s easier to dodge a projectile by moving toward the source.
Debris on the battlefield will block the arrows once, as they destroy the debris instead of hitting the player. The first two groups of summon signs are behind such debris. The arrow fire that Starscourge Radahn fires in the air („rain of arrows“) will also target the player. On Torrent it is easier to avoid it, but on foot it is possible to escape it if you run directly perpendicular to Radahn.

Starscourge Radahn Combat Strategy

A reliable method is to raise your shield when you enter Arena and approach the first group of summon characters. The best way is to immediately summon all available NPCs, using the rubble next to their shields as cover, and then move to the next group with the shield raised. Starscourge Radahn should be kept in sight at all times. At some point, he will pull back his bow without the magical energy charges, which is a signal for the player to get on his horse and start dodging his spear-arrow attacks. Once the player is close enough, Radahn will draw his swords and begin his melee attacks, at which point the battle can begin. At this point, it should be safe to run away a bit and heal the chip damage of his arrow attacks while on horseback.

If the player stays far enough away, he will not be able to perform his arrow wall attack, which will make the opening sequence of the fight much easier. As for proximity, you should avoid moving past the first 3 summon characters until one of them has had the opportunity to get Starscourge Radahn to switch to his melee stance. After that, you can keep moving forward and collect the missing summon signs. Almost all of Radahn’s ranged attacks, including his magic arrow and his two magic rock and bullet projectiles, are likely to kill with one hit. The magic arrows must be dodged or blocked with i-frames. The magic rocks and magic bullets can be dodged with i-frames or by sprinting perpendicular to Starscourge Radahn on Torrent.

Radahn is extremely weak against scarlet rot. Once you put it on him, his health drops to half in a short time. When you start the second phase of the battle, he is cured of the rot. If you attack again, he will be dead in a short time. By far the easiest way to win the fight is to hit him with rot breath, which requires two successful hits to inflict scarlet rot.

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