What is Reality Shifting? Meaning, explanation, definition

Reality Shifting“ is a new trend in the field of consciousness expansion and esotericism, in which the present consciousness is to be withdrawn from the current reality and shifted into another reality. In this way, users of „Reality Shifting“ are supposed to be enabled to explore fictitious worlds and experience unknown experiences.

„Reality Shifting“ is a novel concept that is currently going viral in online communities and gaining more and more followers. It does not require any complicated technology, as the shift in consciousness is based on one’s own imagination. With „reality shifting“, the boundaries of one’s own reality become blurred and are expanded or changed by one’s own imagination.

However, the term „Reality Shifting“ is still unknown to many people. In the following article it will be explained in detail. Among other things, the origin, types and effects of „Reality Shifting“ will be discussed.

What is Reality Shifting? Meaning, explanation, definition

The term „Reality Shifting“ is composed of the English noun „reality“ or „real/true world“ and the English verb „to shift“. Combined, „reality shifting“ can therefore be roughly translated as „reality change“.

„Reality Shifting“ describes a modern concept of consciousness expansion, which is supposed to expand the boundaries of one’s own consciousness on the basis of one’s own imagination. However, it is not a scientifically based concept, but rather a trendy term that is currently spreading rapidly in internet forums as well as on social media.

Reality Shifting“ is therefore often attributed to esotericism and serves in everyday life as an alternative element to meditation or conscious relaxation through techniques also hyped by social media, such as „ASMR“.

Origin and development of „Reality Shifting“

Although „Reality Shifting“ is still a fairly young trend concept, the idea behind it is much older. Therefore, the roots of „Reality Shifting“ probably go back to the spiritual practices of several hundred years ago and have only now been rediscovered. In more recent history, books, movies or video games in particular allowed people to transport their own minds into immersive worlds, thus satisfying the interest in reality shifting.

Within the last few years, however, there has been an increasing exchange in Internet forums about alternative reality shifts that can be initiated by one’s own consciousness. „Reality Shifting“ was thus compiled piece by piece and embellished with esoteric elements. Since the development of „Reality Shifting“ was a dynamic process, it is not possible to pinpoint an exact date when the concept was invented.

What is behind the concept of „Reality Shifting“?

The still rather young concept of „reality shifting“ often raises questions among outsiders. Basically, it is an individually initiated expansion of consciousness, in which one’s own imagination is transferred into another world. This is an expansion of the existing reality. In order to provide some more clarity about this, the subsections below will provide more information.

Idea of „Reality Shifting“

In „Reality Shifting“ one’s own consciousness is supposed to overcome the limits of the present reality. Thus, the idea is based on the assumption that reality is not exclusively based on external influences, but can also be controlled by internal influences. With the help of imagination and consciousness the new reality is to be created. Various techniques are used for this purpose:

  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Affirmation

This allows the consciousness to dive into previously non-existent worlds and expand the existing reality. In addition, curiosity and imagination are stimulated to think of alternative dimensions that can then potentially become reality (insofar as real life is then lived according to the standards of the expanded reality).

Types of „Reality Shifting“

„Reality Shifting“ can be implemented in different ways. The following are the best known variants of reality shifting:

  • Fictitious reality shifting (for example, via scenario or scripting, where one puts oneself into the action of books or movies)
  • Self-created reality shifts (where people escape into their own dream worlds in their sleep or via lucid dreams)
  • Dimensional reality shifts (religious approach, where people believe in the existence of alternative dimensions)

In any case, the initiated scenarios, scripts, dreams as well as beliefs are reality shifts that originate from one’s own imagination.

Benefits of „Reality Shifting“

Users of „Reality Shifting“ report above all a great gain in experience. At the same time, immersion in previously alien worlds provides a change of perspective. In addition, reality shifting can be used as a means of entertainment, inspiration and to increase emotional well-being. „Reality shifting“ can and is also readily used for trauma and stress management. The ability to relive past experiences or create alternative realities has a liberating effect on one’s self-image. Last but not least, reality shifting promotes personal growth and the attainment of self-knowledge.

Criticisms of „Reality Shifting“

Although „Reality Shifting“ is a comparatively harmless concept, which works without external influences, there are a lot of critics. It is often criticized that „Reality Shifting“ is actually only a form of introspective imagination. Critics also lack the scientific basis on which this concept is based. Skeptics also express concerns about the psychological effects of „Reality Shifting“. Especially people who have difficulties to distinguish between reality and imagination would be misled by the self-initiated reality shifts. For many, „reality shifting“ also represents a kind of escape behavior from one’s own everyday life and individual life situation, without wanting or being able to actively change it.

Conclusion on the topic of „Reality Shifting“

In summary, it can be said that „Reality Shifting“ is a fascinating phenomenon of consciousness expansion and esotericism, which is becoming more and more popular. With reality shifting, one’s own reality can be fictitiously expanded in order to thereby gain new experiences and escape from everyday life. At the same time, „Reality Shifting“ has a relaxing effect and promotes personal development.

The concepts of „Lucid Dreaming“ and „Virtual Reality“ are related to the concept of „Reality Shifting“. While „Lucid Dreaming“ refers to dreams that are close to reality, „Virtual Reality“ describes a technical possibility to project a fictitious reality and to be able to move within it – similar to a video game.

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