What is Kindness Content? Meaning, explanation, definition

Kindness content is content on social media in which people film themselves helping others or doing something good for them.

What is Kindness Content? Meaning, explanation, definition

Kindness Content is about showing the world that you are good and kind.

Examples of Kindness Content: For example, filming yourself giving money to homeless people or helping them counts as Kindness Content. Paying for a doctor’s visit or a necessary purchase is also suitable for „Kindness Content“.

Criticism of Kindness Content

However, „Kindness Content“ has a huge problem: The motivation to produce this kind of content. After all, anyone who produces „Kindness Content“ wants to generate views in social media and ultimately sales. The more people watch these videos, the more you earn. Thus, „Kindness Content“ is not only about helping others, but also about enriching oneself.

You can start a discussion now. One pro argument is: without Kindness Content, fewer people would be helped. The motivation doesn’t matter, because it’s the result that counts. In fact, everyone benefits from it, those who are helped and the person who helps. So win-win for everyone?

A counter-argument is: With Kindness-Content, it is not the people who are to be helped who are the target, but the desire for enrichment. Thus one degrades these humans to objects, which serve to reach goals. That is not very nice!

Decisive is, whether one is also nice to others, if the camera does not run. What is decisive is whether one also helps others when these deeds are not exploitable for social media and serve one’s own enrichment.

This is where Kindness Content has a problem, because its motivation is extrinsic. That is, it is motivated by money or attention. If one were to help others because one is intrinically motivated, one would do so because it is one’s own concern or one considers it important to help others. If one is intrinically motivated, why would there be a need for the camera?

Kindness Content: MrBeast

US YouTuber „MrBeast“ (real name Jimmy Donaldson) became an internet millionaire with Kindness Content. He uses Kindness as a strategy for more visibility social media. Donaldson’s success is based on very unusual video ideas, most of which the general public would call crazy. The phenomenon that has helped him achieve his incredible success is called „Kindness Content.“

For example, Donaldson produced a 24-hour video in which he simply counted to 100,000. That happened in 2017 and was his breakthrough. Whether he’s reenacting successful television series or setting his community silly-looking tasks, attention is also kept high by offering big cash gifts for subscribers who enter contests. Similar to a lottery, Donaldson plays on the human need for great happiness and a financially carefree life.

In addition, MrBeast donates significant sums to individuals and groups in need. For example, he paid for thousands of people to have their cataract surgeries. He filmed the surgeries and interviewed people after they survived. The message: „Look how happy we are thanks to MrBeast’s help.“ In this way, he manifested his positive image and was able to work his way up to become one of the most successful content producers in the world.

Donaldson’s „Kindness Content“ videos are thoughtful

Donaldson invests a lot of money and time in the production of his videos. (As Blick.ch writes, a video is said to cost about $3 million on average). Donaldson has also founded an organization with the help of which he wants to fight homelessness.

This artificial world of charity has also become so popular because a great many people apparently long for care. The compassion that MrBeast displays has long since given way to a strategic business model. It fails to address the systemic causes that create poverty in the first place. For example, on the subject of star surgeries, Jimmy Donaldson at no point asks himself why a rich country like the USA is unable to provide poor people with adequate medical care. For this he is criticized by more and more people.

What „MrBeast „earns with his videos

Donaldson’s net worth is estimated at $22 million, with another estimated $2 million coming in each month. He runs a YouTube channel called „MrBeast“ that has 137 million subscribers (as of March 2023).

Each of his videos averages 100 million views, and his video channel is the most subscribed to by an individual on YouTube. Revenue is generated from advertising, collaborations and YouTube partner programs. His own online store, a creative studio and a restaurant are further sources of income for the clever YouTuber.

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