What is „Europecore“? Explanation, meaning, definition

„Europecore“ is a US fashion and aesthetic trend. Europecore is also about living more calmly and relaxed.

What is „Europecore“? Explanation, meaning, definition

„Europecore“ is the romanticization (the idea) of a summer vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. This is a familiar experience for many Europeans and is associated with fond memories. For many US Americans, however, it is only a distant longing and dream.

Europecore represents the mood of summer in the Mediterranean countries: cheerful serenity and lots of culture. It’s all about „La Dolce Vita“.

By „Europecore“ is meant a summer style of dress. Meant are: Linen pants, linen shirts, loose clothing, summer dresses, ruffles, lace, beads and silk pieces. (As it turns out, though, sometimes a soccer jersey is enough to make you feel more „European.“)

The Europecore clothing style is meant to make life feel a little more real. US-Americans dress in Europecore and dream of living at the Mediterranean Sea.

Europecore is actually „just“ the idea of a vacation in Europe. Because the clothing style „Europecore“ does not reflect any European fashion trends, but only the idea of US-Americans how to dress in Europe and at the Mediterranean Sea.

So if you only follow your imagination or idea, you can pretend to be on vacation in Italy or France in your own county.

What Europecore is about:

European places are romanticized through Europecore. US Americans dream of visiting the Amalfi Coast, Corsica, or Bari. They dream of Santorini, of Barcelona, of eating pizza in Rome, of Nice and Dobrovnik. They dream of Ibiza, Formentera and Corfu.

Europecore is not about Scandinavian fjords, Scottish highlands or Central European lakelands. It’s really all about life on the Mediterranean – whether in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy or Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

What U.S. residents find so appealing is the local culture and life. It’s all about medieval villages, cobblestone streets and winding alleys. They want to stroll and wander through old towns – free from hustle and bustle and pressure.

Why „Europecore“ all of a sudden?

The longing of U.S. Americans to live in Europe and become part of the culture is actually an old longing. But it could be that this new longing has been strengthened by times of political turmoil. Europe seems stable compared to what has happened politically in the U.S. in recent years.

Another reason could be Gen Z’s attitude toward work. This is because they do not want to overwork themselves and are distancing themselves from the American way of life. Europe seems like a good alternative here, because there are many social safety nets. So people in Europe could be more relaxed.

„Europecore“ could therefore simply be an attempt at escapism. A short escape from one’s own life into another life that seems calmer, happier and more joyful.

Other meaning of Europecore

The hashtag #europecore has been used over 1.3 million times on TikTok. (as of June 2023)

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