What is „Dall E Mini“? Explanation, Meaning, Instruction

„Dall E Mini“ is a „text-to-image“ artificial intelligence that generates images from written words.

„Dall E Mini“ is also called „Dalle Mini“ or „Dalle Mini Ai“.

„Dall E Mini“ is free of charge.

How does „Dall E Mini“ work? Explanation, meaning, definition

The artificial intelligence „Dall E Mini“ creates the images based on, among other things, the images and graphics listed in the Google Image Search. In the image searches of the search engines, the images, graphics and photos are listed and sorted based on search terms, image names, image captions and alt texts. Using these texts, „Dall E Mini“ takes the listed images, scans them, determines the essence and creates new images from them.

In simpler terms: „Dall E Mini“ looks at millions of images and determines repeating and identity-forming patterns in or from these images. (The AI determines what is common to all images.) „Dall E Mini“ determines what makes up these images. Once „Dall E Mini“ has completed this analysis, „Dall E Mini“ can create its own images, since the AI now knows what constitutes a word or phrase.

„Dall E Mini“ determines the essence of the listed images and creates new images from this essence. (By essence is meant that the AI finds matching features and thus determines the essence, that which is common to all images).

Here it must be said, of course, that „Dall E Mini“ does not really understand the words entered, but only tries to reproduce the essence of the words in images. „Dall E Mini“ only guesses.

The best way to understand „Dall E Mini“ is to use it with famous examples.

„Dall E Mini“: Berlin

As a term we use the word „Berlin“.

dalle e mini berlin

The landmarks of Berlin can be seen: the Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower, the dome of the Berlin Cathedral.

The AI has understood what Berlin is all about. Photos of landmarks under a blue sky.

„Dall E Mini“: Merkel eating fish

But what happens with the term „Merkel eating fish“?

dalle e mini merkel eating fish

The AI has understood that „Merkel“ means the former German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. It has also understood to some extent that the expression „fish“ and „eating“ belong together. This is recognizable by the fact that the AI „leads“ the fish to the mouth of Angela Merkel.

But the result is not beautiful.

“Dall E Mini”: Germany

dalle e mini germany

With the search word „Germany“ it gets a bit boring. The AI only shows German flags. Funnily enough, some of them fly or float through the air.

„Dall E Mini“: Techno Party

dalle e mini techno party

With the words „Techno Party“, „Dalle E Mini“ has captured well what a techno party is: dark rooms with some colorful light.

Dall E Mini: „Too much traffic, please try again“

If the error „Too much traffic, please try again“ is displayed, the AI is currently overloaded, because too many requests are sent.

The easiest way to get your images is to press Run again. If this does not work, you should wait at least two minutes.

DallE Mini: Why so popular?

In the spring and summer of 2022, image-generating AIs became very popular. For the IPhone, for example, there is an app called „Dream“ that does the same thing as Dalle Mini only with different filters: creating new images from the essence of old images.

The AI Dalle Mini can create new images without being based on facts or being real. The AI simply creates them from combinations. This can be funny.

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