What is Cash Candid Dating? Explanation, Meaning, Definition

Cash candidate dating is a new dating trend and describes the fact that the parties involved already talk about money on the first date. In the minds of many people, there is still the conviction that talking about money when getting to know someone is not very romantic or even repulsive. As a result of inflation, that conviction seems to be changing. Money conversations are now more and more often the deciding factor in whether or not to have a second meeting. In fact, conversations about finances can be very beneficial; after all, you get to know each other from a very important side.

Cash-candid dating: Rising cost of living affects dating

Inflation is on the minds of adults of every generation and has as much of an impact on the economy as it does on our personal lives. We are affected by it when we go shopping, in the family and at work, where colleagues discuss it. So it stands to reason that money is no longer a taboo subject in dating either. In fact, rising prices are having a measurable impact on dating.

Even though beliefs about money are a matter of upbringing and are passed on to us in the parental home, younger generations today no longer perceive conversations about money as taboo. The massive advertising we are exposed to creates a high pressure to consume, which is exacerbated by inflation. While how you think about money reveals a lot about your own values, it’s also wise to keep an eye on finances ahead of time.

A recent study by dating app Bumble found that nine out of 10 respondents under 35 want to talk about money matters on a first date. Among those older than 35, the topic is still taboo for about a third. In the survey, the financial stability of the person they were talking to was important to one in five. This made them feel more secure in the event of a deterioration in their own financial situation. While sharing the restaurant bill was a matter of course for many before inflation, people are now more often guided by their higher income.

Cash candidate dating: The right way to deal with the topic of conversation money

Talking openly about your financial options makes sense during inflation, because you avoid misunderstandings. Nevertheless, you should approach the topic sensitively, especially on the first date, and not jump in with the door. Instead of asking direct questions, it is relatively easy to find out about the financial situation of your counterpart by taking a roundabout route: a good way to start, for example, is to ask whether you pay the bill together or separately.

In this context, more can be asked right away. Another way to address finances indirectly is to talk about embarrassing mispurchases. This topic also opens up the chance to make a funny contribution and thus lighten up the conversation. You can also find out about your conversation partner’s financial situation through (expensive) hobbies.

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