What is „Workout Wooing“? Explanation, Meaning, Definition

In the world of dating, there are always new trends that enrich our love lives in unconventional and previously unknown ways. One such trend is „workout wooing,“ which involves taking the search for a potential partner to the gym. This trend has become increasingly popular over the past two to three years and was initially very popular with stars and starlets from Hollywood. In the meantime, however, this trend has also arrived in Germany.

Regardless of whether it’s a first meeting, a first date or a joint activity during a relationship – „workout wooing“ is now equally popular for all the situations mentioned. So instead of limiting the search for the dream partner to a joint dinner or a coffee, from now on it’s off to the gym in sportswear.

Since not everyone can start something with the new trend of the „Workout Wooings“, this is to be explained in detail in the following article. In addition to a comprehensive definition of the term, the exact origin, functionality and social classification of „Workout Wooing“ will be explained.

Definition of the term „Workout Wooing“

The term „Workout Wooing“ originates from the English language and is composed of the nouns „workout“ and „wooing“. Combined, „workout wooing“ can therefore be roughly translated as „courting during training“ or „dating during sports“.

This refers to a new trend in which the individual search for a partner takes place in the gym. It is possible that the person who uses „workout wooing“ does not initially intend to find a partner. However, fortunate circumstances in the gym and the fact that people there are usually more physical and thus more attractively dressed, ensure that dating there works particularly well.

„Workout Wooing“ can be applied for the first meeting in the gym, as well as for the first date or for regular dates during relationships. It thus represents an alternative dating option compared to the traditional approach, where dates often take place in a restaurant, coffee or during a walk.

Word origin of „Workout Wooing“

The exact origin of the term „workout wooing“ is not exactly known. However, it is believed that the expression has its origin in Hollywood of 2020 to 2022. There, it emerged as a new dating trend among stars and starlets. In a TikTok video by Nicole Scherzinger and Flula Borg at the time, both celebrities met for a fake „workout wooing“ that took place in a home gym. The trend quickly established itself in commercial gyms from then on. Finally the trend spilled over since then increasingly also to Europe and thus to Germany. In this country, „workout wooing“ takes place mainly in larger fitness chains and in big cities and less in private gyms or sports clubs. The possibility of taking advantage of this type of dating is becoming more and more popular, especially among younger people, as it is able to combine sports and dating in a clever way.

How does „Workout Wooing“ work?

Basically, there are no real rules or regulations for „Workout Wooing“. Rather, it’s a chance meeting at the gym that then turns into dating.

In this case, two potentially attractive people work out in a gym and go about their normal workout. During this time, eye contact occurs more frequently. An initial affection develops, which is then followed up by an approach. In this way, an informal, casual conversation develops where the two dating partners in spe can talk between their workout sets and continue the workout together afterwards.

After the workout, phone numbers or social media profile names can then be exchanged. Afterwards, they may arrange to meet again for a workout or even meet up for dating outside of the workout. Potentially, this could lead to a relationship.

What happens after „workout wooing“?

There are many different scenarios of what can happen after the „Workout Wooing“:

  • The joint workout continues (you simply arrange to work out again and again).
  • A traditional dating after the „Workout Wooing“ takes place.
  • A good friendship (or workout partnership) develops
  • A one-night stand occurs
  • A love affair (or even marriage, starting a family) occurs

The outcome of „Workout Wooing“ is different in every situation and therefore never exactly predetermined. Basically, however, it is a pragmatic and now very popular dating trend.

Is „Workout Wooing“ exclusively suitable for fitness enthusiasts?

„Workout Wooing“ is not exclusively suitable for fitness enthusiasts, but also for people who like to experience alternative dating scenarios. In addition, it is suitable for people who like sports enthusiastic and trained partners and also like to be out and about in other ways. „Workout Wooing“ can also be approached in a very conscious and goal-oriented way. For this, the desire for the actual workout does not necessarily have to be present, but this can also be initialized for basic dating purposes in the first place.

Social classification of „Workout Wooing

Workout Wooing“ has a large following, especially among younger age groups (primarily the „Millenials“ and „Generation Y“ generations). Among these, it is basically more common to get to know each other in regular everyday situations or while doing hobbies. Among older target groups, „workout wooing“ is rather less common. Also, the term itself is often not understood by older individuals.

Criticism of „Workout Wooing“

Although „Workout Wooing“ is a comparatively harmless dating trend, it does have one or two critics. Concerns are voiced primarily that the workout should primarily serve to focus on physical performance rather than dating. Another criticism is that the feeling of having to make a good impression during the workout can lead to a lot of pressure.

Conclusion on the subject of workout wooing

So, in summary, „workout wooing“ is a new dating trend from the U.S., where going to the gym can be linked to dating. It also represents an interesting way to combine love and fitness in a clever way.

Related to the term „Workout Wooing“ are, for example, the terms „Foodies Dates“ or „Adventure Dating“. While the focus of „Foodies Dating“ is primarily on eating delicious food together, the term „Adventure Dating“ refers to adventurous dates during exciting leisure activities.

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