What is Lucky Girl Syndrome? Explanation, meaning, definition

Despite his many opportunities, modern man is still in search of great happiness, the bulging bank account, the perfect relationship and the fulfilling job. These goals can be achieved with the too law of acceptance, propagate young, good-looking women on the Internet. This is referred to as the „lucky girl syndrome,“ which has become a TikTok trend.

The Lucky Girl Syndrome is based on the law of assumption

The Lucky Girl Syndrome is based on the mystical Law of Assumption propagated by many spiritual teachers and coaches. It assumes that the „right“ self-perception leads to the fulfillment of individual desires and life dreams.

Those who align their lives according to the Law of Acceptance are said to be able to achieve better relationships, more success in their careers and in financial matters as a result. Thus, the Law of Acceptance is very similar to the Law of Attraction, another of the seven Hermetic Laws. This is because people who believe in the Law of Attraction believe that by repeatedly focusing on the positive things they want in life, they will achieve them.

The Origins of the Law of Acceptance

The Law of Acceptance is based on beliefs elaborated by mystic Neville Goddard in the mid-20th century. He came into contact with metaphysics at the age of 17 and quickly became enthusiastic about it.

In intensive studies (including a five-year study of the Bible), he dealt with the universal law of acceptance and, together with his mentor Abdullah, acquired fundamental knowledge about manifestation. The law of manifestation is one of the seven hermetic laws, on which there are numerous writings by further mystics.

In the spiritual belief of these people, consciousness is the most powerful instrument of all, perhaps the only reality. However, in order to learn manifestation, it is not necessary to study deeply the seven hermetic laws. Because, in fact, in real life we manifest almost non-stop, but we are not aware of it. In purposeful manifesting, the art is to consciously direct one’s thoughts to the wish and to maintain the associated, positive emotional level. Only then can the wish come true.

The Lucky Girl Syndrome is nothing more than a simplified guide to the Law of Acceptance and uses the attractiveness of young women as an engine to better market themselves and increase their own popularity. The „Lucky Girls“ show us how easy it is (supposedly) to create a dream life. All one has to do is follow their recommendations.

The law of acceptance seen spiritually

Just like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Acceptance assumes people have the ability to influence their own destiny through the power of thought. It asserts that what one believes to be not only possible but true will come to pass.

Loosely based on the motto, „Align your thoughts accordingly, and you will live the life you’ve always wanted.“ You just have to be rock-solidly convinced of something and have no doubts. What one desires must become incontrovertible truth that cannot be shaken. In order to direct one’s thoughts in such a way that this belief really solidifies, representatives of this doctrine show us various ways.

The power of feeling plays the main role

For the desire to manifest, the right feeling is crucial. Only when the idea is accompanied by a strong feeling can the wish come true. Put simply, it means, „Live as if you are already there (at the goal), and it will occur.“ When we can feel that we finally have no more money worries, when we can feel that we have landed the dream job, then it is not far until the wish becomes reality. It is not at all necessary to know how the goal will be reached. For the fulfillment, the HOW is rather a hindrance.

How to make the dream life come true via acceptance?

The modern teachers on TikTok recommend the method of scripting. All manifestations are written down. You put yourself in a situation in the future, feel and think as if everything has already happened and you write in retrospect. The individual events and conditions, whether health, career or relationship, should be described very concretely.

You should be as detailed as possible about what happened and what feelings you felt, especially the positive ones. The more fully described about the experience, the better. Another method that helps manifestation is affirmations. We know these from meditation. Again, the idea is to deeply internalize the positive affirmations, but with the aid of deep relaxation.

„Lucky Girls“ simply succeeds at everything. Is that believable?

Is what the good-looking women on TikTok are spreading true? Can the law of acceptance really change lives fundamentally? On the Internet, the law of acceptance, which leads to a significant improvement in life circumstances and quality of life, is propagated as easy to implement.

But to get a conviction that must be as strong as deep faith in God, it takes daily practice and self-confidence. It also requires overwriting the negative thought patterns we all have with new, positive ones. These are changes that don’t happen in a few days. It takes weeks, often months, for new neural pathways to form and for us to use them. Even with a lot of training, it cannot be assumed that a person can completely free himself from his negative thought patterns.

The law of acceptance is certainly one way to make one’s life more pleasant, but there are also social obstacles that are and remain insurmountable for many people. Have the white, attractive young women on TikTok really achieved their status through the power of their thoughts? They owe us the proof.

Numerous psychological studies in the past have shown that attractive people are thought to be more competent than they possibly are. They are believed more than others. Another point of criticism: The conviction that one can influence everything through one’s own will is a typical claim of our meritocracy. It creates a lot of pressure. What happens if you can’t realize your wishes or achieve your goals? Has one then simply made too little effort? This reverse conclusion shows that the law of assumption is quite questionable.

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